Saturday, February 21, 2015

After Yesterday's post....Mumbai, suddenly shoots up to become the Hottest Place in Asia on Saturday 21st february... 38.3c..!! Vagaries of the Weather indeed !!

Highest in Asia on 21st February 38.3c at Mumbai SantaCruz (Airport).
Highest Day Temperature on 21st February was Moundou in Chad (Africa) at 39c.

Now, its F-4 coming....on schedule and set to enter Pakistan with good precipitation starting from Balochistan on 23rd..and moving into Upper parts of Pakistan. Heavy falls in Pak Punjab, Hills and even Upper Sindh.

In India, from 24th, heavy falls in Kashmir and HP on 24th and 25th. Punjab, Haryana and plains of West UP can see Hailstorms.

F-4 expected to last through till Thursday 27th.

Another WD expected around 1st. With induced Low, first week of March will see good rains in Wester, Central and Northern India...more Later.

Mumbai will be hot with suburbs seeing 35c on Sunday. Gradual decrease from Monday (33c) and by Wednesday Mumbai should be a normal 31/32c.....
The current situation and expectations indicate some showers in Mumbai and Konkan and parts of Maharashtra on 1st and 2nd March...But more details later.

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Unknown said...

thankyou sir,but is there 100% possibilty of rains in mumbai and konkan.

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