Monday, December 01, 2014

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The Comment below this Article, the One from Muhammad Waqas from Pakistan, is a must "to read" and is an observation from a weatherman in the true Vagarian Spirit. Such comments will go a long way in strengthening relations across International Borders, as the reader has rightly realised and observed that Weather knows no boundaries. 
I truly appreciate and thank Waqas for the insight and maintaining Vagaries as a bonding between the Global Weathermen.

I will be travelling for the next 12 days. Vagaries will be updated efficiently by the other Authors as Usual.

Posted Monday Night: (1st December)

Since around mid November, the 200 level Sub Tropical Ridge has positioned itself along the West -East line from East Coast of India to Myanmar. With the core off the AP coast. As a result, we have seen the jet streams at that level rotating clockwise  over the Sub Continent region, establishing a "High" and a resultant dry and above normal weather in most areas.
Even at the lower levels at 500 and 700 hpa, the high pressure  has stabilised, and the strong jet streams have prevented the formation of any major WDs.

Dry winds and low low dew points have prevented the formation of the usual fog in the North.

Also as a result, the upper level air temperatures at 850 and 700 levels have been proportionately higher...around 16c at 850 hps...That's high !

Absolute dry weather next few days till Thursday (at least) over the entire Sub Continent region. Do not see major fog forming in the Northern plains soon.

Tuesday 2nd, Wednesday 3rd  and Thursday 4th:

Mumbai:  Few clouds and days around 34/35c. Nights around 19/20c at SCruz. ( Mumbai and Badlapur Pics on Mumbai Page)

Pune: Days around 29c with almost clear skies on Wednesday and Thursday. Tuesday morning low will be 13c, gradually reducing to 11c on Wednesday.

Delhi NCR: Dry and low humidity ( < 45%) will prevent major fogging. Though days will drop slightly to 27c. Nights around 11c. 

Chennai: The city did not receive the expected amount of rains last weekend. Only 2 or 3 mms was measured. Now, as with the rest of the region, weather will be dry.

Badlapur max & min temp presentation in graph for Nov Abhijit Modak on Mumbai Page


Rawat said...

I think today New Delhi(S'jung) was warmest in last 15 year (at least) on Dec 1 . It was 5c above normal .

Unknown said...

Short Message to all Vagarians :
A few months ago i joined vagaries of weather (FB Group) and within no time interacted with great people at this platform....Being very young and only member from Islamabad i used to update about weather of different cities of pakistan specially upper region.
With each passing day I learnt something beneficial and interesing about weather from this platform...Got to know Rajesh kapadia sir whom i always found helping to me.
Made friends with many people in vagaries from Kolkata,Delhi, Mumbai, Bbsr, Karachi, Hyderabad etc ... and i also found my best friend Junaid here,,,
So purpose of all above stuff is to highlight that we people can bring harmony iacross International Borders.

I would like to mention some things which personally made me fell to write all this:
>Our Region share Monsoon, WD, Foggy season...
>Rivers which start from northern sub-continent flow down through India and then passes through Pakistan.
>We people share same culture, values, customs even our thinking are same at many points...

Let us, through Weather, broaden our narrow circle ...and come forward to respect each other,to help each other,to stand for each we always have.
Being weather oriented people we should show maturity and share knowledge...
Best example we can have from vagaries... a platform where there is no discrimination between any other country people...
We all feel like family here and everyone knows itt....
Summarizing my debate ....being weather lover i think and hope for prayers r for best things in future !!!!
I eagerly waiting to get a chance of visiting india and then to attend a vagaries meeting too...
Hopefully n most probably with my efforts i would b able to visit mumbai in next year during first -5 months.... and will give message of peace n friendship to all and all this is going to happen due to vagaries of weather.... bundles of respect and prayers for this platform, its owner and all members.
Regards: Engr M waqas from Gujrat,Pakistan.

Unknown said...

Well said waqas bhai....potey

Ron said...

Happy Journey Rajesh Sir.

@Waqas..Coudn't agree more..Hope to see you here soon..

Atul P Naik said...

I second that Muhammad Waqas. Well said!

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