Sunday, December 28, 2014

Maharashtra City Max, Min  and Rainfall . Max of 1st Jan and rain during day of 1st Jan

POONA                                        24.4(-4.6) 14.5( 4.0) 
LOHGAON                                  24.4(-5.6) 15.2( 3.2) 

 JALGAON                                   21.2(-8.0) 10.2(-1.4)          008.0
 KOLHAPUR                                23.8(-6.1) 17.8( 3.3)          000.2
 MAHABLESHWAR                     17.7(-8.1) 11.7(-1.3)
 MALEGAON                               21.0(-8.4) 16.4( 6.0) 
 NASIK                                        23.4(-5.1) 11.8( 2.1)           000.6
 SANGLI                                      24.7(-6.3) 17.7( 4.6)           008.0
 SATARA                                     23.0(-5.5) 15.2( 2.6) 
 SOLAPUR                                  30.3( 0.0) 18.6( 3.3) 

BOMBAY                                    26.0(-4.5) 19.6( 0.1)
Scz                                             27.3(-3.8) 15.8(-1.3) ALIBAG                                   26.1(-3.0) 17.5( 0.2) 

AKOLA                                     20.7(-7.9) 17.7( 4.5)              010.0
AMRAOTI                                29.2( 0.5) 16.4( 2.3)               005.0
BULDHANA                             18.5(-7.8) 16.3( 2.4) 

Chikhaldhara in Vidarbha measured 78 mms till 8.30 am Thursday.

Parts of Baroda got drizzles last night. Bharuch is experaincing showers at 6.30 pm IST on Thursday.
Bhopal saw a high of 14.2c on New year's Day...
Gwalior saw a high of only 13c and Bhopal 15.5c on the last day of 2014

Mumbai Weather Summary...2014 (From Rohit Aroskar)...See Mumbai Page and Rohit's Page

Posted Thursday 1st Morning...Vagaries' Forecasted....
New Year Eve Rainfall in Marathwada and Western Vidharbh...
31st Rainfall in Maharashtra...
As anticipated, the Marathwada region and Western Vidharbh got the rains and hail in some areas.
In West Vidharbh, Akola recorded a heavy 39.9 mms of rain, Buldana 23 mms and Yeotmal 15 mms on 31st. In Marathwada, Nanded saw 17 mms and Parabhani and Aurangabad 4 mms.

In Aurangabad, the rain started after the celebrations were over, around 1.30 am on 1st January, saving the New Year.
Nasik and Nagpur got traces of rain. Celebrations from being a damper.

Some  regions of Goa too got showers. Vagarian RK Chaudhary informs of rain on 31st and sent this pic.

More later as we get more figures...


Tuesday Night drizzles in Aurangabad...Mumbai gets partly cloudy. Predicted rains ( as given below in Monday post) on schedule in Marathwada and Madhya Maharashtra. Extending to West Vidharbh. Mumbai will get cloudy.

Mahableshwar Wednesday Morning Pic sent by Shiraz

BB-15 has tracked NE to 14N 86E...and likely to track NE and weaken due to resistance.Rains along Odisha coast and West Bengal coast.Decreasing from 1st.

Chennai rains decrease. Getting average 55-60 mms in 2 days as expected.

**** In the New Year, Vagaries is planning a well attended meeting. It is (almost) compulsory to attend this meeting. .
The Meeting is on 10th January, 5 pm,  and the venue is in South Mumbai. 
Please confirm on blog (comments) as early as possible, as I would like to see maximum attendance. All Vagarians from any place in India or abroad are welcome...
All must confirm .(as yes) by 4th January latest..****


Rainfall of Chennai during Monday 29th Daytime:
in mm
Minjur - 96 Puzhal Agro - 91 Ennore - 85 Puzhal - 65 Madhavaram - 64 Tharamani - 64
Nungambakkam - 54 Anna Univ - 42 Mylapore - 40  Sathyabama Univ - 37 Poonamalle - 36 Avadi - 35 Kolapakkam - 33 Meenambakkam - 29 (From Pradeep)

Posted Sunday 28th Night:

BB-15 !The sysytem now as a Low at 7.7N and 84E, is around 1006 mb. Seeing the behaviour of the upper level winds, I expect this system to deepen stage wise to depression and track towards the TN coast. BB-15 is then expected, after tracking along the coast, to weaken after Monday and fizzle out around 15N in the Bay.

29th December ; Heavy to Moderate Rainfall is expected : Along the North TN Coast. ( Chennai: Around 40-45 mms 29th Morning- 31st Morning). 
Light rains in Central TN.
30th : Heavy to Moderate Rains in Coastal AP. Moderate Rains in Coastal Odisha, TN and Kerala. Drizzles in Bangalore.

New Year EVE: 31st December: Heavy Rains in Coastal AP/Odisha. Vizag: Around 40 mms 30th morning-1st Morning). Coastal West Bengal gets heavy showers in many parts. Kolkata will gat a wet New Year Eve with showers in the evening. 
Moderate Rains in Interior Odisha and Parts of South Chattisgarh (Raipur: Upto 5 mms)).
Light showers in Aurangabad  , Ahmednagar, Jalna and Western Vidarbha (Akola). (Rains in Central India due to an inland trough ). Drizzles in Bangalore.

Very Cilly Night with around freezing temperatures in Punjab/Haryana, parts of NCR and Rajasthan.  

Mumbai will be pleasant and windy in the evening. Low at Santa Cruz around 16c and 19/20c at Colaba. Partly cloudy next few days after the 1st.
Goa will be partly cloudy with light showers in the night or 1st morning.
Pakistan Northern plains and Sindh to face very cold temperatures from 31st for 2/3 days. Around freezing in Sindh plains and Punjab.

New Year: 1st January 2015: Heavy Rainfall in Coastal West Bengal and adjoining Odisha. Kolkata gets showers in the day. Around 10-15 mms on 31st and 1st

Moderate to light showers and hails in Marathwada (Aurangabad : Around 20 mms in 2 days. Very cold day)), West Vidarbha (Akola), North Maharashtra (Hails) (Pune/ Nasik), Interior Karnataka (Belgaum) ( Bangalore: Showers on 1st around 15 mms in some parts), Hyderabad, Parts of South Gujarat Coast (Surat: Upto 3 mms), Baroda).
Cold Wave in all of Northern regions continue and intensify from 2nd January. Gujarat and Kutch get cold from 1st January.

As we had forecasted, the 200 hpa jet streams have taken the plunge, and dipped Southwards. Though earlier than forecasted by 1/2 days. 
Cold Conditions in NW India and Pak Punjab: The forecasted  freezing conditions prevailed over this region from 28th Morning itself. 

Some Low temperatures as on 28th Morning. List (prepared by Rohit Aroskar):
Panchmarhi dropped to -0.5c

In Pakistan, Islamabad dipped to 0c, Lahore to 2.7c.


Rajesh Kumar said...


rkjrdp said...

Some parts of Chennai city get shower today. Expect more rain from tomorrow.Thanks for your prediction.

Saurabh said...

The daytime highs are very low too
Ludhiana 10.9
Lucknow 11.0
Gorakhpur 11.3

ameya said...

Any rains expected for Mumbai on 31st Night or the days following the 31st...If yes how much can we expect.
Will this increase tempratures from the current cool temp of mumbai..hope not much?
Any impact of the cold expected in Gujarat following 2nd Jan into Mumbai/Thane belt?

Rajesh said...

ameya:I have mentioned no rain for Mumbai...partly cloudy ( 3 OKTA maybe) from 31st or 1st.yes, slight increase from clouds, but surely dropping again from 3rd/4th.

Rajesh said...

Vagaries' Aurangabad Forecast in Monday's Lokmat Times ...Page 2

Rawat said...

IARI PUSA in New Delhi yesterday (28 dec) recoded min temp -0.9°c !!

Arpit Sharma said...

Yesterday minimum at Pusa(IARI) was -0.9c.

Abhijit Modak said...

Nagpur under cold wave!! Today recorded min temp of 5c(which is below normal by 7c) . With this also breaks all time record of 46 yr old!! Previous Dec lowest was 5.5c on 29th Dec 1968.

Rajesh said...

Ishan : An upper air WD expected over the Northern Hills of Sub Continent on 3rd Jan..

rkjrdp said...

Rajesh Sir,

It is good to see Chennai rainfall figure by our beloved PJ.
May Chennai get more rain from this system?

Abhijit Modak said...

Cloudy weather with W breeze brings the max temp down in Mumbai! Scruz max temp 27.8c today. Sees drop by 3.5c compare to yesterday max of 31.3c..

Unknown said...

Raining since wed morning in akola district. Helpful for rabi crops.....potey

Abhijit Modak said...

Cloudy weather with Rain & Hails at some places drops maximum temp all over Maharashtra on New Year day today!!

Some max temp below in C and in bracket departure from normal for today (01-01-2015)

PUNE 24.4(-4.6)
LOHGAON (Pune AP) 24.4(-5.6)
JALGAON 21.2(-8.0)
KOLHAPUR 23.8(-6.1)
MALEGAON 21.0(-8.4)
NASHIK 23.4(-5.1)
SANGLI 24.7(-6.3)
SATARA 23.0(-5.5)
SOLAPUR 30.3(0.0)
COLABA (MUMBAI)26.0(-4.5)
ALIBAG 26.1(-3.0)
RATNAGIRI 28.3(-3.4)
PANJIM 29.4(-2.9)
DHANU 25.6(-2.5)
OSMANABAD 25.6(-3.5)
AURANGABAD 24.5(-3.7)
PARBANI 24.6(-4.5)
NANDED 25.5(-4.4)
AKOLA 20.7(-7.9)
AMRAOTI 29.2( 0.5)
BULDHANA 18.5(-7.8)
BRAMHAPURI 30.5( 2.9)
NAGPUR 25.7(-1.6)
WARDHA 25.9(-1.7)
YEOTMAL 24.6(-2.9)

Abhijit Modak said...

Rainfall till 5.30pm today in various parts of Maharashtra(01-01-2015):

Yeotmal 17mm
Akola 10mm
Sangli & Jalgaon 8mm
Amravati 5mm
Parbhani 4mm
Auranagabad & Nashik 1mm

 20th June  Maharashtra ghats giants wakes up! Some rainfall readings since 9am till 10pm (13 hrs) today in mm below: #Kitwade: 208 #Patgaon...