Saturday, November 08, 2014

Saturday Night:

As expected, BB-13 is fizzling out off the AP coast. Will bring rains as mentioned to Coastal AP regions between Prakasam and Nellore.
( we can recall, Vagaries had estimated the System never to strengthen, but dissipate over the sea. It was expected to move North and then NE and dissipate in the Central Bay region. contrary to that, it moved W/NW).

BB-14 is moving into the Andaman Sea on 10th...I see something for TN in this...expecting the system to move towards TN and reach as a depression...depressions are preferable for good rainfall !!

A Line of Wind Discontinuity may form in the interior of the Konkan and Karnataka coast...and get a Low embedded in the LWD. Low may be in the Southern Mah/Northern Interior Karnataka region, forming on the 11th of November.

On 11th and 12th November, Showers likely in Interior Karnataka and Interior Mah regions of Madhya Mah, Marathwada, Vidharbha and Interior Konkan. Thundery developments in Konkan and Madhya Mah.  Details on Sunday Night.


Unknown said...

thanks rajesh sir, for your views, i will get the details tonight. sir, can you mention weather specific in raigad district?

sset said...

If this depression fails to reach TN - high time weather scientist declare NEM - as legacy current - no longer exists - TN/Sri Lanka face desertification.

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