Sunday, November 23, 2014

In sequence to the ensuing Low, a UAC has formed at the 1000 hpa level off the Kerala coast on Sunday.

World Readings as on Sunday 23rd November:

Sunday 23rd November Night Post:

Mumbai: Sunday max Colaba 32.0c, Sanat Cruz 33.5c. Vagaries 31.8c.
Sunday 23rd November:

Hottest in India: Ratnagiri 34.6c. Leh at -8.5c was lowest in India.
Hottest in Pakistan : Chorre 34c.
Hottest in Nepal: Bhairahawa: 28.1c. Coldest in Nepal: Jumla -4.8c.
Kathmandu range was between 20c and 10c on Sunday. Low expected to drop to 8c.

Hottest in Asia: Maawlaik (Myanmar): 38c.

Hottest in World: Minna (Nigeria):39c..

Coldest Dome A (Antartica): -53c, Shephard Bay (Canada) -39c.
Highest Heat Index: 46.7c at Dimbokra (Ivory Coast).Minimum Wind Chill was at Shephard Bay: -49.9c.
Maximum Pressure in the world last 24 hrs was 1084.8 mb at Eagle Range, U.S.

Last 24 hrs, a sudden rise in pressure of 18.6 mb in just 3 hrs was measured at Squamish Airport, Canada.

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