Monday, November 17, 2014

Mumbai was hot on Tuesday, with the day's highat 35c at Colaba and Scruz.Low was 24c at Scruz

Wednesday will see a hot day, again possibly touching 36c. Getting partly cloudy by late afternoon. Warm night.
Thundery developments can develop for one more day on Wednesday in the Roha, Pen and other nearby areas. 

Mumbai likely to touch 36c on Tuesday 19th November....but minimum may drop to 22c.

17th November: Monday Morning: A Rare Cloudless Image in the Indian Sub Continent


Unknown said...

rajesh sir, yesterday night heavy rain with thunder and lightning fell in nagothane,bhira,paraner,roha. can you forecast for next 2 days

Unknown said...

rajesh sir,again its a thunderstorm this evening.very cloudy ,waiting for rain.continous thundershowers for 2 days. no signs here for winter. nagothane is a village near roha or pen situated on the national highway 17 .sir pls check and thereafter find forecast sir.thankyou in advance

Unknown said...

sir today there were some thunder clouds in roha and nagothane but no major clouding or lightning was rains fell.sir can you post forecast for some more days on mumbai and north and south konkan. a kind request to you sir.thanks in advance

Unknown said...

sir any rain in sothern peninsular india between 23-24th india affecting konkan or madhya maharashtra?

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