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From Rohit:
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Synoptic Situation as on Friday 3rd Evening and Outlook for Weekend, 4th/5th Jan:...See Current Weather Page

Top 13 Rainfall ( mms) in India for 2013: Thanks to Pradeep John for these figures of All India Rainfall

 1. Hulikal, Karnataka - 9383 mms
 2. Patgaon, Maharashtra - 9108  mms
 3. Mashtikatte, Karnataka - 8953  mms 
 4. Agumbe, Karnataka - 8770  mms
 5. Talacauvery, Karnataka - 8696  mms
 6. Mawsyram, Meghalaya - 8610  mms
 7. Tamini, Maharashtra - 8409 mms
 8. Surlabhi, Karnataka - 8482  mms
 9. Amgaon, Karnataka - 8440  mms
10, Yadur, Karnataka - 8081  mms
11. Mani, Karnataka - 7995  mms
12. Kogar, Karnataka - 7775  mms
13.Cherrapunji - 7560  mms.......Full Report on Pradeep's Page

World  Extreme Temperature Stats for 2013:
2013:  year's hottest temperature of 129.0 degrees Fahrenheit (53.9 c) at Death Valley, California, occurred on June 30.
The year's coldest temperature of minus 110.6 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 79.2c) at Russia's Vostok Antarctic research station occurred on July 29.

Scientists have located the coldest place on Earth, where the temperature plunged to minus 135.8 degrees Fahrenheit, -93.2c,  on Aug. 10, 2010.
That reading was almost reached again this year at a nearby location when the mercury reached minus 135.3, -92.9c,  degrees on July 31.

The discoveries were made after the U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center analyzed thermal satellite images that pinpointed the chilliest spots in two of the many frigid pockets within the heart of Antarctica.

The coldest daily temperature on the planet is recorded most of the year at Russia’s Vostok research base, where the official planetary record low of minus 128.6 degrees F, -89.2c, occurred on July 21, 1983.

Ice scientist Ted Scambos of the Colorado-based center cautions Guinness not to publish the unofficial new low in their record books just yet because further research could come across an even colder reading.

Thermal satellite observations revealed last year that Iran’s Lut Desert had the world’s all-time hottest temperature in 2005 when the mercury soared to an utterly astounding  70.7c, 159.3 degrees Fahrenheit.

That means the atmosphere has seen a swing of almost 300 degrees in temperature between the hottest and coldest spots on the planet.

Month wise record and extreme events of 2013 to be published on Friday Night...
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Vinod Desai said...

Happy New Year to you all...

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May Every Day of the New Year glow with Cheer & Happiness for You & Your Family…..
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 to all Vagaries blog readers..

Sunny Arora said...

Happy and a wonderful new year to all the weather buffs

Hrishikesh said...

happy new year to rajesh sir ,arpit sir and all other vagariens!!!!!!

Ron said...

A very Happy and a prosperous New year to everyone at Vagaries.

Neeraj said...

A Very Happy New Year to All

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Ron said...

shocking to see cherra so low on the list

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Happy new year to all...@Hrishikesh: I am a learner like can call me arpit only...

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Happy New Year to all

Unknown said...

For the new year, I would request one change - I have not seen much debate / discussion on this forum, I have only seen people patting backs and saying all great things about each other. A vibrant Scientific blog like Vagaries should have divergent views and debates. Tolerance to other views should be high.

Hrishikesh said...

new york max temp at -11 and min -20

Rajesh said...

Siva K : We Vagarians have several weather discussions and chats on fb...the fb group "vagaries of the weather" is very active, and useful and constructive discussions and exchange of views and news take place everyday. There are 145 members from all over in the vagaries' group...

I again request all vagarians to keep our blog readers who hesitate to come on social media, posted with the latest thru "comments" on the blog..

sset said...

doubt BB1 can bring any rain to drought stricken TN. Even Sri Lanka has not received any significant rain - worst is it may follow footsteps of madi,helan,lehar.....0mm of rain???

As US,EU are in snow, warm weather over Russia and heat wave over Argentenia...South America..

sset said...

2014 year first tropical cyclone -Tropical Cyclone Bejisa is starting 2014 churning east of Madagascar and taking aim at the French island of Réunion. (1 day ago). Apparently Reunion is also place to receive most extreme 24 hours rain due to cyclones..

Between 7 and 8 January 1966, Cilaos at the centre of Réunion received 1,869.9 millimetres (73.62 in) of rainfall. This is the greatest 24-hour precipitation total ever recorded on earth.[18] Another part of the island holds the record for most rainfall in 72 hours, 3,929 millimetres (154.7 in) at Commerson's Crater in March 2007 from Cyclone Gamede. Commerson also holds the record for most rainfall over all periods ranging from 4 to 15 days from a storm in 1980.

sset said...

As drought intensifies over entire interior TN, adjoining interior KAR - Hosur,Krishnagiri region -sericulture industry takes a beating impacting poor people

sset said...

seems BB1 has vanished without single drop of rain for southern India.............

  Ladakh Heat Wave.. 26th July Monsoon surge in Delhi after late Start... 417 mms total by 27th