Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pune today..Pics from Pavan and Mumbai sunset on Saturday on Interactive Page
Rohit's Page Updated with some Mumbai Region details..Goa added Today

Low pressure formed off AP coast on Thursday 15th evening at 1000 mb. Vagaries shall give it a number by Friday. Low expected to track initially along East Coast  to North AP/Orissa coast.  Heavy precipitation along AP coast on Friday/Saturday. 
Monsoon axis western end moves to Northern Pakistan, and the Bay end in the Low pressure formed.SE winds will dominate along the Orissa coast inland into UP and  Nepal. 
Heavy rains expected in Kerala. 

Special 3 days  forecast for:
Friday 16th: Cloudy in the morning. Skies getting partly cloudy in the evening.
Rain showers in the morning,and intensity decreasing post afternoon. Rain amounts will be 20 mms (average) in the day, and decreasing at night.

Saturday 17th: Partly cloudy, with some convection developing in some parts by evening. Regional rains in some parts.

Sunday 18th: Partly cloudy with very less chances of any precipitations.

Friday 16th: Partly cloudy with some passing showers. A few in between will be sort and heavy. Rain amounts on Friday around 10 mms average. (Rain intensity may increase from Friday night, or Saturday morning.)

Saturday 17th: Cloudy, with slight increase in rain frequency. Some heavy showers of prolonged duration. Heavy downpour in some parts by afternoon.Rain amount 30 mms average.

Sunday 18th: Partly cloudy and few passing showers. Sunny spells will show a rise in day temperatures to 30c.

Outer townships prolonged heavy showers from Friday night or Saturday morning. Can expect rains to be persistent on Saturday with around 40-45 mms.

Delhi NCR: 
Friday 16th: Mostly cloudy in the day. Showers with thunder by evening. Night will be frequently having showers. Rain amount average 20-25 mms by Saurday morning.
Saturday 17th: Cloudy with thundery developments in some parts by evening. Thundershowers in some parts may precipitate upto 15 mms.
Sunday 18th: Cloudy with sumny spells. A shower in some parts, though lesser intensity. Decreasing intensity will precipitate 5-10 mms on Sunday. 

Friday 16th will be windy with SSE winds, strong at times. Friday daytime will be around 32/33c, but high heat index of around 38c will make it uncomfortable. A thundershower will cool the city by evening or afternoon. Rains around 15 mms average.
Saturday will be breezy and humid. A thundershower in the afternoon in some parts of city. 
Sunday  post afternoon, will possibly see a heavy thunderstorm of around 30-40 mms.

Friday 16th, cloudy and cool, with the day not going above 25c. Showers in many parts in the day.Rain amount around 10 mms.
Saturday 17th: Cloudy, but lesser rains .
Sunday: Light rains on a cloudy day. Drizzles in some parts. Rise in day temperatures.

Hyderabad: After heavy overnight rains, Friday will see some relief.
Heavy rains on a very cool day on Saturday 17th. Can expect upto 35-40 mms on Saturday as frequent heavy showers lash city. 

Rain decreasing on Sunday.

Goa: Rainfall decreasing from Saturday night.

Showers in North Pakistan continue as axis end has shifted North.

Karachi will be cloudy, with light rains on Friday 16th.
Clearing by night. Saturday and Sunday will be almost clear and no rains.
Nawabshah will be partly cloudy, and clearing to hot sunny days after Saturday. No rains.

Stats and Analysis Page updated by Karthik with SWM  position in Tamil Nadu.
Puducherry crosses August Month highest ever Rainfall  from Karthik: 
With 15.8mm in 24 hours ending 08.30hrs today(15/08/2013), Puducherry's 2013 August month rainfall has touched 277.3mm ...An all time record for the month of August for Puducherry..that too achieved in just 15 days!! Previous record was in August 1973,when it received 276.0mm.

SWM toppers till 13th August on Pradeep's Page...


Vinod Desai said...

Good morning rajesh sir,
We have not seen any heavy rain in past 10-12 days.
Should we expect heavy spells in mumbai next week.

Vinod Desai said...

Good morning rajesh sir,
We have not seen any heavy rain in past 10-12 days.
Should we expect heavy spells in mumbai next week.

Unknown said...

i think Mumbai should see some heavy rain, may be tonite or tommorow as predicted by rajesh sir

Abhijit Modak said...

Here outer eastern suburb from Dombivli to Badlapur belt had got occasional heavy spell from 10 Aug onward. Also above 100mm rain recorded in 48hrs(combined of 14 & 15 Aug reading).. So nice cloudy cool & comfortable weather here.

sset said...

Thanks to Rohit for great spatial analysis. Map brings mightiness of Maharashtra, Konkan (all figures multiples of 1000X). Maharashtra only state with equal distribution of rain including interiors. West RAJ is picking up well - in fact like 2012 west RAJ will receive excess by AUG-SEPT.
Thanks to Pradeep for latest news on Amagaon - place looks more near MAHA rather than KAR (border). Still top 3 contenders are close and each can overtake other any time.(my feeling Tamani...)
Panvel MORBE dam overflows...puja was performed.....

Contrast is KAR almost entire interior east is in deficient. South east is in very low rain (BANG,MYS,MANDYA,KOLAR,TUMKUR,Chintamani,chikanhalli,dodhabelapur,pavagada,hindupur,gauribednur...entire rayalseema....). Average rain is just 150mm - 200mm since june. Mandya is lowest with 70mm, BANG(300mm), MYS(150mm).Compared to any other cities these are lowest. If rains continue to elude SE interiors of KAR and Rayalseema then formation deserts is inevitable.
If see 2012 june-sept rain BANG received only 250mm!!!(incredibly low)

Entire Rayalseema - Anantapur after Kolar is facing serious drought.


Sir what are chances of rain in next week in it rainy or sunny by next saturday n sunday as planning a stay in mumbai upto next how is the weather in mumbai upto next sunday

Unknown said...

heavy showers in vasai lightning and rumbling thunder.

Dattaraj said...

As predicted, Hyderabad no rains in Hyderabad yesterday daytime. But some showers at night.

Avtansh said...

sset, you are a Legend. "Amagaon - place looks more near MAHA rather than KAR (border)" What? It is INSIDE Karnataka! What do you mean by "more near MAHA"?
Also, Bangalore, for the period 1 Jun to date, has recd. excess rainfall (both city and airport). Check here (table at the end of page 1):
In fact, a 25-30% excess. Anyway, don't think your biases will be impacted by any data. My last attempt at trying to convince you - Might be a futile exercise but anyway, good luck!

Abhijit Modak said...

Today Badlapur having almost non stop rain from early morning. Occasional heavy spell with very low dark clouds through out today. So nice cool with foggy & misty here. Mild thundering with drizzling at present.

Mohsin mulla said...

mumbai outer township thane and district of thane getting heavy rain since early morning of saturday.why the remaining three dam located in thane district are not fullfill rain are non stopable since first week of june...and continue plaese mentioned in your blog...

Nilesh Ladhad said...

myself in Dombivali, today it rain heavy.
only passing shower in mumbai.

Rajesh said...

Mohsin: Which 3 dams are you referring to ? Dams are in Thane district ?

Nilesh: Some parts of Mumbai had heavy showers today, and outer townships good rains in the at vagaries it was 15 mms till evening, but outer townships was much more..
Sambalpur had 3 mms till today morning (Saturday).
Upper Mahanadi Basin had good rains. Deogaon 78 mms, Jharsuguda 66 mms, Ghorarai 64 mms.
Hope you enjoy your stay here..

Nilesh Ladhad said...

yes sir what I miss in sambalpur, gets in Dombivali, rain !!! But I have short stay. going to Nashik now, and will reach sambalpur tomorrow night. so what about sambalpur weather?

Unknown said...

rajesh sir , will August end might turn out to be wet for Mumbai and konkan. what do you say?

sset said...

Bangalore rain is so less it cannot even rejuvenate ground water - add to this previous 3 years of drought. Only option is to restore lakes and start tree plantation, restrict further growth as city is over saturated with no natural resources - which as usual only place where people, government lack respect for environment. This is the only city where "sparrows" have vanished forever.
Our group (saytrees) is making best efforts to plant trees face great difficulties to lack of water.

Latest news - Whitefield Parched!!

As mentioned by Abhijitji thane -badlapur side - Navi Mumbai too continues to receive heavy rains - very good weather.
Rain since june 2013
Nerul - 3100mm
Airoli - 2900mm
Vashi - 2800mm
Belapur - 2800m
Morbe dam - 3500mm
We are all waiting for matheran toy train to start (probably after rains - heard now they have plans to introduce videos inside coaches - to enjoy heavy green wooded hills without looking throw windows, glass/transparent coaches so that undistributed view can be achieved during rains, train driven by rear engine...

Vidharba - Brahmapuri is now very close to Colaba rain - another 2-3 spells it may touch 2000mm.

Abhijit Modak said...

Rain figures of Mumbai eastern outer townships in mm ending 8.30am today(18-08-2013)

Thane 28.2
Kalyan 64
Bhivandi 60
Shahapur 61
Ulhasnagar 52
Ambernath 51.2
Panvel 24.8
Uran 29
Karjat 65.3
Khalapur 56

Posted 9th Night: Un Seasonal Rains Expected in Maharashtra..11th to 15th December. The effect of the Cyclone Mandous which crossed the T.N....