Thursday, August 08, 2013

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Vagaries' 7 day forecast issued on Thursday, 8th August Evening given as on situation today, and can be changed. This forecast is tentative, and actual occurance may happen a day either way.

a) Current UAC in the axis over UP tends to move westwards on Friday 9th. Rainfall increase possible over Northern India (including Delhi NCR) on Saturday 10th, and shifting West into Rajasthan on Sunday 11th
Remaining moisture can produce sharp convective rains around NCR till 11th.

Moisture attraction from Arabian Sea will pull rains into Gujarat and stretching into Rajasthan on Monday 12th. Coastal Sindh may get some regional rains on 12th.
Interior Mah goes almost dry from Sunday 11th.
Rains may spread (decreased intensity) into Central Pakistan, Northern Pakistan on 13th. 
West coast remains "dull" compared to normal rains, next 5 days. 

b) Monday, 12th, a UAC/Low forms in the Northern Bay off Orissa coast. Moves inland and brings good rainfall to Orissa and adjoining regions to the West. An East coast trough can form on 13th, and bring good precipitation on 13th and 14th from UP down South to entire Eastern India upto AP and Northern TN. 
Western regions of Bengal included, but Kolkata "skirted". 
Thunder activity continues as System forms, and Stray thundercells continue drifting in Kolkata region as  trough forms.

Rains and Thundershowers can stretch into TN on Wednesday 14th. Good precipitation can occur in TN coast and interior on 14th and 15th August.

Mumbai: Friday/Saturday: Partly cloudy with sunny spells. Passing showers only. Amount of rains 10-12 mms. 
Sunday/Monday: Warmer and few passing showers in some parts. Rain amounts 5-10 mms.
Outer townships will be partly cloudy, and getting warmer from Sunday. Towering Cb clouds will be seen. Rain amounts around 10-15 mms.
Pune getting warmer, with light rains in some parts. Next 7 days cumulative rainfall may be around 10-12 mms.

Chennai, gets the isolated rain in some parts, but sees an increase in rains from Monday thru Wednesday.

I always have a tentative 7 day forecast prepared with me. But due to changes and not to go wrong, I usually give a firm 3/4 days forecast.
Since it seems an active an eventfull next 10 days for the East, SE and North, I am putting up my tentative 8 day forecast on blog tonite. Please understand its tentative, and could change, hopefully very marginally.

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sset said...

SWM continues to elude South east interior Karnataka - same pattern like last 3-4 years. BANG,MYSORE,MANDYA,Chintamani,Kolar,Tumkur,Rayalseema...adjoining interior TN very low rain.

Latest news for KAR drought

Anonymous said...

Rajesh Sir,
Whats the forecast for Nagpur. Do we see any let up in rains. We have had too much of rains this year.

Anonymous said...

Auspicious 'Shravan' month begins in Mumbai on its usual note of on / off showers and the sun playing hide and seek with the clouds (mainly cloudy though for most part of the day) .. Yday /today evening it was/is sunny in the western suburbs and nice , breezy (with strong gusts as well) ..max temp around 29 and nights comfy at around 24 at SCZ

Ron said...

the met department is expecting the western trough to come back by 2nd half of this week..

Anonymous said...

Mumbai SCZ ..SW monsoon season till now (9 Jun - 9 Aug 2013) -

Avg .Temp .. 29.6 c / 23.9 c .. Rain in cms .. 213

Outlook for next week till Thursday 29th February: Temperatures expected to rise across Maharashtra and Gujarat. Chance of thunderstorms for...