Thursday, February 28, 2013

Yes ! The Konkan Strip heating has started ! And all along the "dark yellow" belt put up by Vagaries.
Hottest (also in India) on Friday was Ratnagiri at 38.5c, followed by Panjim at 37.2c. Tiruchirapalli at 37.0c, Mumbai SCruz closely behind at 36.8c ( at +4.7c, seems to be in a hurry to achieve what i thought would take till Sunday).
However, not all Konkan is heating up. Alibag was 31.2c and Dahanu was 31.0c. 
New Delhi Sjung was a comfortable 25.1c, while Pune was 33.7c. Kolkata rose till 33.6c Friday....
Highest in Asia was in Thailand, Lamphun at 39c..

March Outlook on Current Weather Page....

The last day of the month of February saw light rain/snow restricted to Kashmir and HP hills.

But, from the 1st of March, In the absence of any active systems, the weather is expected to be dry all over the India, Pakistan and Nepal from 28th February for the next 5 days, till 4th March.
Light rains in Kashmir and HP hills on 5th March.

Warming up from first Day of March:
No system dominates, so, the Upper Northern palins of the regions will have strong to gusty NW winds.
This will encourage the day temperatures to rise gradually. 

Delhi NCR: Clear skies.  
From the 1st of March, thereafter, a gradual rise to reach 29c by the 4th of March. Nights will be remaining pleasant around 12/13c till 4th.

First 4 days of March are forecasted to warm up in Central India due to Easterly winds. similar east winds will warm up the Gujarat and Konkan coast. 

Mumbai SCruz: Mumbai Colaba was a pleasant 30.2c today (Thursday), and Scruz was 33.8c..However, 
1st March to 4th March will see Easterly winds causing the days to rise regularly to reach 36c by 2nd/3rd March (Scruz). Low temperature will be around 20c.
Outer townships may touch 38c by the 2nd or 3rd of March.

Pune: Warm days with the days touching 37c by the 2nd or 3rd of March. Nights will also hover around 17/18c.

Region in the North Konkan, Madhya Maharashtra or Gujarat may soon see the first 40c of this year.
Vidarbha sees a rise to 37/38c in the first week. Goa should see a rise to 36/37c by Sunday.

Surat: Thursday Surat reached 34.2c. Warming gradually to reach 37/38c by the 2nd or 3rd of March. Bharuch also likely to warm up and reach 37/38 by the 2nd of March.

Kolkata: Seeing Thursday's high of 31.4c, we notice around 31c since last 3 days. I estimate the first 4 days of March will be maintained around 32/33c.

In Pakistan, Karachi will remain warm around 31/32c till 4th March, but we see Hyderabad (Sindh) heating up to 36c by Sunday.

Vagaries' views on March Weather for the Sub Continent later tonite


Abhijit Modak said...

Warming started here from today itself..

Today max temp of Badlapur is 35.6c at 3.15pm. So temp raised by 3.3c today compare to yesterday's 32.3c max here.

So today is highest max temp for Feb 2013 month at 35.6c or 96f. Previous highest was 35.5c on 13th Feb 2013.

Today winds were mostly from N/NW only from pre noon onwards & No SE winds then also temp risen here ! So seems like now N winds have only turned warmer here..

Abhijit Modak said...

Today max temp for

Mumbai (SCZ) 33.8c
Ratnagiri 33c
Panjim 33.8c
Pune 33.8c
Nashik 33c
Aurangabad 34.5c
Nagpur 36.2c
Solapur 36.9c
Surat 34.2c
Rajkot 32.8c

So Mumbai (SCZ) max temp also raised by 4c today compare to yesterday..

Atul P Naik said...

Panaji Goa recording above 36 C temps today, March 1. Summer is truly upon us!

Abhijit Modak said...

Today max temp for

Mumbai (SCZ) 36.8c
Ratnagiri 38.5c
Panjim 37.2c
Pune 33.7c
Nashik 33.4c
Aurangabad 35c
Nagpur 35.1c
Solapur 36.6c
Surat 35c
Rajkot 34.6c

So almost whole Konkan & Goa is hot today. So whether Ratnagiri is hottest in India for today ?

So after Surat 38.5c on 13 Feb 2013 & now Ratnagiri second city to touch 38.5c today !!

Atul P Naik said...

Being a newbie please pardon if this question has been asked before: where on the web can one find the official max / min for the day ie for March 1 by the evening of March 1? The IMD AWS site gives temps on the hour and the highs (or lows) could fall in between and the IMD web site normally gives these highs or lows for March 1 say for 24 hrs ending March 1 at 8 hrs IST. In other words I am very keen to know where exactly Abhijit got the 37.2 C for Panaji. Thanks in advance

Abhijit Modak said...

@ Atul. Would like to share link but are you in Facebook ! Then in FB we have Vagaries of weather group & page too. So there I can provide you link.

sset said...

I have noticed below observation for past 3 years.

Exactly end febrauary or middle march temperature of Mumbai/Konkan areas shot up (>35degrees). This freak phenomenon is observed only for few days. Then temperature drops down in peak summer (30-33degrees). But in south reverse happens many places temperatures (>45degrees - 50deg).

Atul P Naik said...

@Abhijit, liked the page on FB just now. Eagerly awaiting your inputs!

Abhijit Modak said...

@ Atul. Can't identify you !

So Please post an comment stating some current weather conditions of Panji on the following link :

So I can identify you by your comment there !!

sset said...

Pelicans @ Srikakulam (near Vizag). Delightful for bird lovers (Rajesh Sir....)

Meanwhile over Mumbai/Navi Mumbai mangrove forests are full with strokes,flamingos... Entire stretch between Airoli/mulund/thane/palm beach road are very sceneric with mangrove forest on one side, mountains on other side and ofcourse sea. It is heaven on earth.. Mumbai has one of the largest mangrove(marsh forests) after sundarbans.

Now cockoos are having day @ Mumbai proudly announcing arrival of spring early morning!!!!

Abhijit Modak said...

Today max temp of Badlapur is 37.5c or 99.5f at 3pm. So further increased by 0.5c compare to yesterday.

Abhijit Modak said...

Today max temp for

Mumbai (SCZ) 38c
Ratnagiri 39.2c
Panjim 37.7c
Pune & Nashik 34.1c
Aurangabad 34.7c
Nagpur 34.4c,
Solapur 37.6c,
Surat 36c
Rajkot 36.2c.

So Ratnagiri highest in India for today also and whether in Asia too !!

And whether Mumbai(SCZ) second highest in India ?

Rajesh said...

sset: Thanks for the birds link...lovely. In fact got to see the spot billed pellicun recently and the dalmation pellicun too.

Atul: thanks ffor the gOa inputs. All vagarians welcome regular feedback.

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