Friday, February 08, 2013

How Cold was the Sub-Continent in Jan 2013, and how wet ? See diagrams on Current Weather Page..

Sub_Continent Weather:
9th Feb, Saturday turning almost dry except for some isolated rains around Mangalore and adjoining interior Karnataka regions.

10th Feb, Sunday getting cloudy in Madhya Mah region, with evening thundershowers in Ahmednagar dist, and cloudy over the North Konkan belt. Light rain likely in Mumbai vicinity on Sunday night.

11th Feb Monday rainfall expected in pockets of Surat region, Bharuch, and adjoining north Mah.
Also Indore Ujjain region of MP can get some showers.

12th Feb Tuesday rain patch moves north into adjoining Rajasthan, with Udaipur and Central Rajasthan getting rains.

A WD, F-2, moves across the upper regions of the Sub-Continent from Thursday, 14th Feb, 

Delhi NCR: Clouding after weekend, showing a rising trend...
Saturday 9th/Sunday 10th: Clear with SE winds after Monday. Temperatures in the 26-12c range.
Monday 11th: Partly cloudy, with high clouds, and rise in Temperatures.
Tuesday 12th: Cloudy and rise in night temperatures.
Rains from the South move into Delhi NCR on Wednesday.

Mumbai: A gradual rise in temperatures next few days.

Saturday 9th: Clear sky, with NE winds dominating. Temperatures (Scruz) in the 31/32c and 16/17c range.

Sunday 10th: Getting cloudy towards evening. Warm night, with chances of light rain around vicinity of city late night. Outer townships can get some light rains by night.

Monday 11th: Chances of light rains in some parts during the day. Monday morning low will be 20c (Scruz).

Tuesday 12th: Partly cloudy in the morning, clearing by evening.

Pune: Forget any fall in temperatures next few days. 
First a partly cloudy Sunday, and Expect light rains in some parts of city on Monday 11th. 

Slight instability brings Cumulus clouds in the Eastern horizon.

Surat will be cloudy from 10th, Sunday night, hence warming up in the night. 
Chances of rain in the region on 11th Monday. 

Nepal remains dry, with a rising trend in temperatures this weekend ..F-2 may not effect Kathmandu. 
Due to less than normal precipitations in Kathmandu in Jan and Feb (so far..4 mms against 18 mms normal), the temperatures in the day are hovering around 23/24c. Spring like feelings !
As Neeraj points out, the peaks surrounding the capital, (Shivapuri 8900 ft - north, Chandragiri 8000 feet - Southwest, Phulchowki  9300 feet- Southeast, Nagarkot 7000 feet - northeast).  are devoid of snow this year. (Phulchowki (9300 Ft) almost always gets snow).

Resistance from Central India highs and an attraction to the SE by the prevalent trough in the J-4 case, the WD effects totally avoided Nepal with meaningful rains, except the Western regions..

 Mercury is a strange planet, indeed,  see for yourself at Sunset...More on Space News Page with pic


sset said...

Rajesh -again your forcast has hit correct target, Mumbai is slowly warming up - first time myself felt need for fan.

Abhijit Modak said...

SSET : Badlapur max touched to 34.4c today. Also Karjat AWS records 36.4c & Thane Envirocon AWS records 35.7c & IMD Thane AWS records 34.8c for today.

sset said...

correct Abhijit. Infact in south temperatures have shot up. Some places in TN and Kerala are having 38deg - with failure of NEM conditions have worsened - and summer is in!!!! alteast MAHA is lucky.

Abhijit Modak said...

Today max temp for

Mumbai(SCZ) 34.3c
Pune 32.7c
Nashik 31.3c
Aurangabad 32.3c
Ratnagiri 30.1c
Panjim 31.5c
Nagpur 30.9c
Rajkot 31.5c
Surat 34.5c
Solapur 35.1c

Unknown said...

Rajeshbhai, reports of hail from Nasik, rain from lonavla and dhule.....potey

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

there were heavy showers in vasai early morning. it has turned pleasant.

Unknown said...

scented smell of mud has spread everywhere, reminds of first monsoon showers, wow.

Abhijit Modak said...

Yesterday evening many parts of North Maharashtra was lashed by Thunderstorm with hails in some areas.

So some news paper link of rain news:

Jalgaon district in North Maharashtra also lashed by thunderstorm last night with some areas reported Hail.

Nandurbar district in North Maharashtra also lashed by thunderstorm last night..

ashik district also lashed by Thunderstorm..

Nashik hail photo :

In Ahmednagar District : Sangamner, Shrirampur & Kopargaon received thunderstorm ..

Some parts of Pune District too received light rains with Thunder.

Some part of Pune city received drizzles last evening.

Pune gets an drizzle.

Abhijit Modak said...

@ Sam khan. You lucky enough as Vasai received showers in early morning today. Here in Badlapur nothing as sky is clear from early morning itself !!

But last night near by Neral/Khopoli received some rains so scented smell of mud can be felt here too !!

Abhijit Modak said...

Also Asangaon, Shahapur & Kasara belt received rains last night ..

Abhijit Modak said...

Nashik Recorded 37.2mm rain ending 8.30 am on 12.02.2012

Aurangabad 0.80mm, Indore 5.7mm in same period.

Rajesh said...

Rain reports from varois places in N.Mah and Mumbai region as per estimate.
I hope the vineyards were warned of theis rain, as it could be damaging !
Mumbai too moved accordingly, and vicinity and outer townships got their share of rain.

Pune and surroundings too. Abhijit has put up the various figures of precipitation.
Right on for Ujjain too , as Miral reports..

Low has started moving NE (i had estinamted North) and likely to get embedded in a trough there around central India. Still, rains from this around Delhi and UP are on...shall put up a forecast tonite..

Rajesh said...

yes shitij:Surat was the odd one left out from the forecast performance..maybe because of the extra movement towards the NE of the mild low...

The forecast and events have been tracked in the above article till Tuesday..Wednesday onwards tonite..

Rajesh said...

there seems to be possibly damage and ruining of the grapes standing crops and possible ruining of the raw mango fruits...why were the farmers not warned ? wasn't it expected ? Vagaries, an elementary and un professional forecaster had announced rain in North Mah (and Nasik is the Northern most district) as early as Thursday !

Rajesh said...

Jalgon, (extreme North Mah) gets 21 mms...
Mahableshwar, in the bargain, rises to 30-17c.

Rajesh said...

neeraj: This sudden clouding is due to the sudden and unprecedented change in direction of the system (weak) to the NE..was expecting a northly track towards Delhi..just avoided Delhi and moved towards Lucknow and Nepal..lets see now..more tonite,,

Abhijit Modak said...

Today max temp for

Mumbai (SCZ) 34.5c
Pune 33.2c
Nashik 30.7c
Aurangabad 33c
Ratnagiri 35.8c
Panjim 36c
Nagpur 33.8c
Rajkot 35.5c
Surat 38c
Solapur 35c

Surat today hottest in whole India !!

Unknown said...

Max/Min/24 hrs RF(mm) Date:12-02-2013
Port Blair 32.4/26.4/NIL,
Anantapur 32.6/18.6/NIL,
Hyderabad 31.5/20.4/NIL,
Kakinada 30.3/21.2/NIL,
Kurnool 34.0/20.7/NIL,
Nellore 32.6/23.0/NIL,
Nizamabad 34.4/19.7/NIL,
Ramagundam 33.8/19.0/NIL,
Tirupathi 32.0/20.8/NIL,

Vijaywada 31.5/21.8/NIL,
Visakhapatnam 31.1/21.8/NIL,
Itanagar 29.3/11.0/NIL,
Passighat 29.5/15.8/NIL,
Dhubri 26.2/15.7/NIL,
Dibrugarh 30.2/11.1/NIL,
Guwahati 30.1/13.6/NIL,
Jorhat 28.6/10.7/NIL,
North Lakhimpur 31.0/10.5/NIL,
Silchar 31.7/16.5/NIL,

Tezpur 30.8/12.8/NIL,
Bhagalpur 23.0/--/NIL,
Gaya 26.3/8.4/NIL,
Patna 26.5/11.3/NIL,
Purnea 28.2/--/NIL,
Ambikapur 27.0/11.2/NIL,
Bilaspur 32.0/14.6/NIL,
Jagdalpur 31.2/15.8/NIL,
Pendra 31.9/12.8/NIL,
Raipur 32.7/18.8/NIL,

Delhi(Palam) 22.9/9.8/NIL,
Delhi(Safdarjung) 23.8/9.5/NIL,
Panjim 35.8/21.7/NIL,
Ahmedabad 32.7/19.2/NIL,
Baroda 32.9/17.5/NIL,
Bhuj 32.4/17.5/NIL,
Deesa 31.4/14.3/NIL,
Dwarka 32.2/16.8/NIL,
Naliya 31.7/11.2/NIL,
Porbandar 34.4/17.6/NIL,

Rajkot 34.7/18.7/NIL,
Surat 33.5/21.5/NIL,
Veraval 29.4/19.5/NIL,
Ambala 22.6/9.8/NIL,
Bhiwani 22.2/7.6/NIL,
Chandigarh 22.6/9.0/NIL,
Gurgaon --/--/NIL,
Hissar 23.2/5.0/NIL,
Karnal 22.0/6.8/NIL,
Kurukshetra 23.2/--/NIL,

Narnaul 23.0/7.0/NIL,
Rohtak 22.0/--/NIL,
Sirsa --/--/NIL, Chamba 18.5/4.5/NIL,
Dharamsala 18.2/7.4/NIL,
Kalpa -0.4/-7.0/NIL,
Keylong 6.9/-8.4/NIL,
Kullu 17.5/3.8/NIL,
Manali 9.6/0.2/NIL,
shimla 16.3/6.1/NIL,

Solan 22.5/3.6/NIL,
Sundernagar 21.4/4.0/NIL,
Banihal 15.1/0.7/NIL,
Batote 13.0/5.1/NIL,
Bhaderwah 14.0/1.7/NIL,
Gulmarg 5.8/-8.6/NIL,
Jammu 19.5/9.1/NIL,
Katra 19.3/8.9/NIL,
Kupwara 11.7/-2.1/NIL,
Leh -0.5/-14.0/NIL,

Pehalgam 8.4/-1.9/NIL,
Qazigund 10.0/-1.0/NIL,
Srinagar 13.8/0.5/NIL,
Daltonganj 26.6/11.2/NIL,
Jamshedpur 30.8/10.9/NIL,
Ranchi 26.4/11.2/NIL,
Belgaum 32.1/18.4/NIL,
Bellary 35.1/18.5/NIL,
Bengaluru 31.4/18.0/NIL,
Bijapur 33.0/19.8/NIL,

Chitradurga 31.9/18.5/NIL,
Gadag 33.0/17.4/NIL,
Gulbarga 33.8/20.2/NIL,
Hassan 33.0/16.0/NIL,
Honnavar 35.6/22.5/NIL,
Madikeri 28.1/15.8/NIL,
Mangalore 35.5/22.5/NIL,
Mysuru 32.0/18.0/NIL,
Raichur 32.9/20.8/NIL,
Kannur 35.7/24.5/NIL,

Unknown said...

Kochi 33.2/24.6/NIL,
Kottayam 35.5/23.2/NIL,
kozhikode 33.9/24.9/NIL,
Thiruvananthapuram 34.1/25.4/NIL,
Agati 31.4/25.4/NIL,
Amini Divi 34.3/26.2/NIL,
Kavarati 29.5/27.3/NIL,
Minicoy 32.0/26.6/NIL,
Bhopal 31.3/16.0/NIL,
Gwalior 25.7/12.1/NIL,

Indore 32.0/16.0/5.70 mm,
Jabalpur 29.0/16.7/NIL,
Akola 34.5/20.5/NIL,
Aurangabad 33.1/19.5/0.80 mm,
Chandrapur 33.0/20.4/NIL,
Dahanu 30.5/21.9/NIL,
Gondia 32.1/17.8/NIL,
Harnai 29.7/23.2/NIL,
Mahabaleshwar 29.6/16.8/NIL,
Mumbai 32.8/20.4/NIL,

Nagpur 34.1/18.6/NIL,
Nanded 34.5/18.0/NIL,
Nasik 33.6/16.0/37.20 mm,
Parbhani 34.2/17.6/NIL,
Pune 33.5/16.9/NIL,
Ratnagiri 34.7/18.8/NIL,
Sangli 34.5/20.1/NIL,
Satara 35.0/15.9/NIL,
Sholapur 34.6/20.7/NIL,
Yeotmal 32.0/15.0/NIL,

Imphal 29.4/5.8/NIL,
Cherrapunji 23.6/9.8/NIL,
Shilong 19.6/9.0/NIL,
Aizwal 29.4/--/NIL,
Lengpui 28.4/9.2/NIL,
Kohima 22.6/6.7/NIL,
Angul 30.4/14.0/NIL,
Balasore 31.2/12.6/NIL,
Bhubneshwar 32.3/15.8/NIL,
Cuttack 30.0/14.5/NIL,

Gopalpur 30.9/17.8/NIL,
Jharsuguda 32.1/15.5/NIL,
Koraput 29.0/14.0/NIL,
Paradip 27.3/15.6/NIL,
Puri 28.8/18.0/NIL,
Sambalpur 31.8/14.8/NIL,
Titlagarh 32.0/16.6/NIL,
Pondicherry 32.1/22.2/NIL,
Amritsar 20.4/5.6/NIL,
Anandpur Sahib 23.2/--/NIL,

Bhatinda 20.4/--/NIL,
Chandigarh 22.6/9.0/NIL,
Jalandhar 20.5/--/NIL,
Ludhiana 22.4/9.3/NIL,
Pathankot 19.3/--/NIL,
Patiala 22.7/9.3/NIL,
Ajmer 26.0/12.9/NIL,
Barmer 30.6/13.2/NIL,
Bikaner 28.0/11.4/NIL,
Churu 27.6/8.6/NIL,

Jaipur 28.0/10.4/NIL,
Jaisalmer 28.0/11.7/NIL,
Jodhpur 28.9/13.4/NIL,
Kota 26.2/14.4/NIL,
Mount Abu 25.0/6.0/NIL,
Sriganganagar 24.6/5.8/NIL,
Udaipur 26.8/13.9/NIL,
Gangtok 17.8/8.1/NIL,
Tadong 21.8/9.4/NIL,
Chennai 30.2/23.2/NIL,

Coimbatore 31.9/20.6/NIL,
Kanyakumari 33.3/22.5/NIL,
Kodaikanal 18.8/9.5/2.20 mm,
Madurai 33.8/23.4/0.50 mm,
Nagapattinam 30.9/23.5/NIL,
Pamban 30.0/24.4/21.90 mm,
Salem 32.9/20.4/NIL,
Tiruchirapalli 33.3/22.8/NIL,
Vellore 32.0/20.8/NIL,
Agartala 30.1/12.3/NIL,

Kailashahar 31.6/10.9/NIL,
Agra 24.4/9.3/NIL,
Aligarh 22.8/10.6/NIL,
Allahabad 27.9/12.9/NIL,
Bahraich 25.2/13.8/NIL,
Bareilly 25.6/11.0/NIL,
Gorakhpur 25.2/9.9/NIL,
Jhansi 24.2/15.2/1.20 mm,
Kanpur 23.0/10.7/NIL,
Lucknow 25.0/10.6/NIL,

Meerut 23.7/10.6/NIL,
Moradabad 24.2/--/NIL,
Sultanpur 25.4/11.2/NIL,
Varanasi 26.6/11.4/NIL,
Almora 24.2/3.4/NIL,
Dehradun 24.9/8.5/NIL,
Haridwar 22.9/9.0/NIL,
Joshimath 20.6/7.2/NIL,
Mukteshwar 16.4/6.8/NIL,
Mussorie 16.4/7.1/NIL,

Nainital 15.0/6.5/NIL,
Pantnagar 25.5/6.9/NIL,
Pithoragarh 21.5/6.6/NIL,
Roorkee 23.7/8.6/NIL,
Tehri 16.8/6.0/NIL,
Bankura 29.6/11.1/NIL,
Coochbehar 29.1/11.2/NIL,
Digha 28.1/13.3/NIL,
Jalpaiguri 27.9/12.7/NIL,
Kolkata 28.6/14.3/NIL,

Malda 27.1/14.4/NIL,
Sriniketan 27.8/10.6/NIL,

Abhijit Modak said...

Karjat AWS TMax temp for today is 36.6c.

Thane AWS TMax temp for today is 36.2c.& Envirocon (AWS) max temp is 35.9c.

Posted 31st Night: Mumbai weather expected this week in city. 1st Feb - 4th February  Windy evenings, Hazy warm days and just about comfort...