Thursday, May 24, 2012

Heat Wave Intensifies in Pakistan:

The maximum Day temperature in Pakistan rose on Thursday to 48.5c at Dadu. followed closely by Larkana at 48c and Padidan measuring 47.5c. Sibbi was at a high of 46c. Sukkur saw a high of 45.5c 
The nights are very moderate with Sibbi at 22c at Mirpur Khas dipping to 19.5c. 

In India, Adilabad and Rentachintala(AP) soared to 47c, with a low at 33c at Adilabad ! On Thursday, Chandrapur reached 46.8c and Brahmapuri 46.5c. Nagpur touched 46.2c in the day and was 31.8c at night (Thursday morning).

Heat wave expected to persist till Sunday in Coastal AP and Chennai. Chennai may reach 43c and pesisit till Monday between 41c and 43c. Minimums will be around 30c.
But  a slight let up is expected in Pakistan and NW India ( a couple of degrees drop) from Friday thru Monday. 

Pradeep reports from Chennai that it is 33c at 10 pm on Thursday night.....The day was 42c, and the real feel was 47c, on Wednesday and dropped only to 30.6c on Thursday morning..rare and unusual nights for Chennai !

Editorial Response to sset's comments:
Getting off track and going by un official reports on meteorogical is a common method of attracting media attention. These reports of 50 and over are unofficial figures, cannot be substantiated and not recognised as proper methods of recordings.
The Highest ever in Kothagudem is 48.6c on 9th May 1973.
Ramagundam's record high is 47.3c on 24th May 1984.
In fact, in recent years, the highest has been around 47/48c, and not touched 50c. There are many a reports, all unofficial about temperatures reaching 50c and so on. Its not so common or for that matter, things would become absolutely unbearable with disastrous consequences if places were to touch 50c at the drop of a hat. 
And the 58.01c report....  .01c...what does that mean ? The world's highest day temperature ever recorded anywhere on this planet is 57.8c in Libya. Record is not broken or touched yet. and the highest record for India is 51.1c at Purulia (as per wikipedia) and 50.6c as per official IMD records.
sset, one should not be mis lead by such reports and exaggerated meteorologist is going to swallow such claims.

And sset, though Ap and Interior Karnataka have received normal rains, maybe slightly below normal in pockets, it does not sustantiate or qualify for "drought" conditions. As per meteorological norms, and actually too, the rains are not that poor. 
Drought may prevail and spread due to various artificial reasons like poor watre management, poor planning, improper utilisation of rain water, or simply poor administration. 

I will only report and study the actual rainfall and deviation. I cannot comment whether there will be drought or shortage of water. It can be controlled and managed..that's not within the preview of Vagaries.

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