Friday, May 11, 2012

Significant Developments:
1. 200 hpa jet streams finally seem to be "relenting" favourably.

2. Vertical trough, line of wind discontinuity becomes perpendicular across central India.

3. Modertae rains in Kerala and Interior TN and Karnataka as estimated in Vagaries precipitating in these regions Friday evening. showing trough alignment.

First 30c Minimums of 2012 Reported from Sub-Continent on 11th May ! 
The Places were all from Pakistan, Jacobabad, Sukkur and Bhawalnagar.
In India, Jodhpur saw a low of 30c on 11th morning...published late on Vagaries as IMD has yet to put up the max and min readings of 11th May (not put up till 10 pm IST on Friday. Info. taken from alternate source.)

Late, to some extent, this year. Mentioned in MW-5 (Vagaries).


junaid said...

continouus thunderheads visible over the eastern sky!!!it might be raining in matheran !!

junaid said...

although these thundercells managed to drift over panvel,,,but they have diverged nd has become spread out!!!so no chance of rains!!:( :( :( :(

Rajesh said...

junaid: Thanks for the update. Very interesting as it falls in line with forecast of 'Towering cumulus" clouds put up for Mumbai and Pune. Also it shows the rains pushing into Mah. from south as estimated.

Pavan said...

It raind fr few minutes in pune after a gap of a 20days, my frnds reportd that it raind for 4hrs in dharwad karnataka

Rajesh said...

pavan: Yes pavan, it was expected on Friday.and interior and coastal Karntaka too will gwt rains.

NT said...

I am 20 kms north of Shirdi, it thundered for around 2 hrs starting at 4 pm with a drizzle, the weather was very squally for about 45 mins

Shitij said...

Cloudy sky in Surat. slight drizzles reported in some areas of city.On Thursday night some areas of Navsari got rain for 30 minutes. Yesterday night Ahemdabad also receive light rains. What is the reason behind the change in weather in Gujarat??