Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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SWM has advanced into the Central Bay Islands on the 23rd of May, with Car Nicobar getting a downpour of 146 mms today.

Finally the Heating Starts from Pakistan, Expecting it to move East into Rajasthan :

And it is Hot in Pakistan ! On Wednesday, 23rd, Dadu scorched at 47.5c,(Highest in Asia today), Moen Jo Daro and Larkana at 47c and Nawabshah, Turbat and Sukkur at 46c and Sibbi and Jacobabbad at 45c. 

In India, on Wednesday, 23rd, the hottest day was 47c in Ramagundam. Chandrapur and Brahmapuri (Mah) were 46.2c and 45.9c resp.

What always interests me are the nights...the lows. And specially if they are above the 30c mark. Last year I put up the above 30c highs regularly, and they were frequent.
Anyway, on Wednesday morning, it was 31.4c as the low in Gondia (Mah), 31.3c in Rapur, 30.9c as the minimum in Brahmapuri and 30.5c in Akola.
Surprisingly, I am searching for the above 30c lows in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Muscat suddenly shot up to 45c on Wednesday, from 40c on Tuesday ! The low was 30c. 


sset said...


Highest temperature in AP coal mine areas (Ramagundam) till date is 58.01!!!
Can humans servive such temperatures???? What makes this place hottest!!!!! Rajisthan/Guj are turning milder.

Heat wave sweeps Andhra Pradesh
Hyderabad, May 21, 2012, DHNS:
Heat waves scorched parts of Andhra Pradesh on Monday.

In Vijayawada, Guntur and Prakash districts, housewives claimed to have cooked rice with water boiled under the sun.

Kothagudem, which recorded a temperature of 48.5 degrees Celsius, the highest here in ten years, witnessed several flash fires. The town is known for its extreme temperatures, varying between 48 degrees in summer and 10 degrees in winter. “In recent years, the temperature has regularly crossed the 50 degrees Celsius mark in the coal belt. The highest temperature recorded in the coal mine areas till date is 58.01 degrees Celsius. The rule is if the temperature crosses 50 degrees Celsius the mines have to close immediately for the safety of the miners,” said sources in the Visakhapatnam meteorology department.

45 degrees Celsius

The Coastal Andhra, Rayalaseema and Telangana districts have recorded a temperature of over 45 degrees Celsius since last week, taking its toll on campaigns of political leaders. Prominent leaders like Chandrababu Naidu are resuming their road shows only after 4pm.

With the monsoons almost two weeks away, Hyderabad and 10 other towns have consistently recorded a temperature of 44.5 degrees Celsius. “We are going through an unprecedented heat wave in state capital touching 43 degrees for last five days,” met department sources said. It will continue till end of this month .

AP is in chain of heatwave. As I kept on saying in earlier blogs - definite climate pattern change over south india - Rayalseema,interior karnataka,north TN are towards desertification. Persistent drought for last 2-3 years. Interesting stuff is same time Rajisthan,Gujarat are turning mild with good rains????

Anonymous said...


While you have not raised the issue of AP drought, i just wanted to add this observation.
It is a fact that major parts of Andhra are in grip of drought. But i am not sure is it due to failure of SW monsoon alone. If you look at 2007-2011 SW monsoon figures only in 2009, Telengana/ coastal Andhra had a drought (-30%). Else the monsoon has been normal to excess. Rayalsema had normal SWM (which is anyway low). The issue is more of lack of depessions and cyclones moving in October to December season in past five years. The last major system i can remember was the 2009 - early october. The lack of top up rain in the post monsoon season and excess exploitation of ground water is the issue. AP agricultural practices are very ordinary, despite having two major river systems.

However, in the past decade Andhra has its more than share of drought with 2001, 2002, 2003 , 2009being major drought years.

Regards, Ananth

Pavan said...

According to imd ramgundum recorded highest maximum temperature of 47.3 in may and what sset is saying of 58.01deg was in kothagudem ramgumdum is n adilabad dist and kothagudm is n khammam dist whr singareni coal mine is situatd.
The avarage temp of these two areas are very high. The temperature with in the coal mine wil obviously high due to black body radiation i hope same thng is the prob in coal mines of orisa and jharkhand but there the atmosphric temp may be comparitvely low.
Cmg to the drought condition n ap a wel draind state only certain parts of telangana as of mahabubnagar, medak sangareddy nalgonda and anantpur and cudappah 'n r'seema as rest of d dist get good rains during monsoon whch i hav ntcd and krishna godavari tungbhadra and tributaries of kaveri are also benficial and my personal view s entire ap gets good rain in comparison with int karnataka and maratwada.
If i am correct way back during monsoon koida in khammam dist recorded 690mm rain in 24hr ths place is near kothagudem

Pavan said...

Rajesh sir pl let me knw who high night temp(min) is significant for dragng the monsoon winds

Rajesh said...

Pavan: Min temps are significant, as the nights remaining warm helps in indicating the fastrer forming of lows and regional pockets of lows are retained. Days tend to remain warm too.