Tuesday, April 03, 2012

From Wednesday 4th April 2012, I will be travelling to the U.S. and will be returning to base on the 19th of May 2012. 

Will continue updating Vagaries on regular basis. The popular Monsoon Watch series will be put as usual. 
Interacting with meteorologists in the U.S. would help in my computing forecasting models more accurately and push Vagaries to another level. 

It will be difficult and improper to give detailed local forecasts for Mumbai/Maharashtra as I will not be personally previewing/observing the local weather conditions and developments in Mumbai. 

However, feedbacks from various cities will continue which help me guage the developments there.  


Pavan said...

hope we wil not but the weather it self wil mis u

Rajesh said...

Message from Neeraj (Kathmandu) on mail:"Received a message From Neeraj (Kathmandu);

Enjoy your trip to the US. Keep us posted from there.
Yesterday afternoon there was quite a heavy rain, followed by more
rain during the night. Afternoon's rain was unusual , it became so
dark that vehicles switched on their headlights; and it was just 3
O'Clock in the afternoon.
take care. bon voyage."

Thanks Neeraj..and you keep checking Vagaries too.... The thundershowers are in line with vagaries ' forecast it seems (should not have taken you by surprise ..and will last a few days.

From Tyrone (Karachi):"Hi Rajesh,
Have a great trip to the US and hope it also benefits your meteorological expertise :)

Thanks Tyrone,
Wish you a pleasant summer too. And will keep updating on Vagaries and the Monsoon Watch Series from the 10th.

Rajesh said...

Thanks Pavan. Shall keep MW posting on.

Ron said...

have a happy and safe trip

emkay said...

Enjoy your stay in U.S. , Rajesh. Will keep you updated on Mumbai observations.

Shitij said...

happy journey!!!

Rajesh said...

Thanks Ron, Emkay and Shitij.Keep the info.coming first hand..

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