Thursday, July 22, 2010

Reproduce from "Vagaries" of /19th20th:
" Mumbai received 30 mms of rain on Sunday, pushing up thr total further upto 1479 mms at Colaba and 1433 mms at S'Cruz. Monday/Tuesday will be partly bright, with passing rain showers, not too prolonged. With rainfall of about 25 mms/day. Wednesday will be windy and an increase in rain intensity to 75 mms. Possibilities of sudden heavy showers."
"Rainfall increase, upto 75 mms/day, in Mumbai from Wednesday thru Friday due to stronger off shore winds and possibility of low in bay."
Impact: On Wednesday, Mumbai received frequent rains throughout the day and was windy. Rainfall at Colaba 84 mms.And S'Cruz 94 mms.
UAC* has moved inland (Map), and the winds have turned to due west.
Impact on Mumbai/Gujarat will be heavy on Thursday.
I mentioned 150 mms yesterday for 3 days, out of which 90 mm are done with. Should get another 100 mms.

* UAC is Upper Air Circulation.Short framed by me due to frequent use :)

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