Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The North Konkan coastline continued to get some moderate rains due to the "compressed" off shore trough. The trough, as shown here, now lingers of the Gujarat coast down to north Konkan.

The 12 hr accumalated rainfall map shows the rain restricted to the northern-western coast, and theChennai region. The rain and the west-east cloud flow and cover from the Arabian Sea across the peninsula thru the eastern coast is due to an upper air circulation over the Thailand region. The wind flow is seen in this Thai map. Part of the clouding precipitated rains as seen in the image. Meanwhile, the monsoon axis is running thru the 2 lows shown in the Thai map, along the Northern plains, with a trough in the Bay.The axis of the monsoon trough at mean sea level passes through Ferozepur, Karnal, Bahraich, Patna, Midnapore and thence southeastwards to east central Bay of Bengal. The other branch of it has become less marked.

On Monday,Mumbai rains contined in moderation, with 15 mms in Colaba, and Santa Cruz measuring 57 mms. The off shore trough promises rain along similar lines Tuesday and Wednessday with sudden heavy spells. rains will measure about 25-30 mms/day, diminishing toa bit, to 20 mms Thursday.


anant said...

what are the current chances for monsoon revival along west coast , any update on MJO phase or new low in bay of bengal

Rajesh said...

ECMWF shows the probility of a low in the bay on the 20th.I feel a low could form around that date, a result of a pulse moving in from the current storm in the west pacific.
COLA indicates incresed rains along west coast upto Gujarat from the 24th.

anant said...

Thank you , hopefully we get rains in western Ghats soon

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