Sunday, September 20, 2009

Two maps show post monsoon heat, and humidity pushing into the central regions of India from the west. And the streamline map shows the anticyclone over the central regions.

But, i would now like to wait a few more days, till the 23rd. to be precise, before we can say the monsoon has withdrawn from Mumbai/Maharashtra. So, the reversing is stuck at 20N, for some days.

The reason is, COLA and 1 more international model have indicated the formation of a low in the Arabian Sea, off the Goa coast. This may bring some precipitation along Konkan and interior Maharashtra, more so in western regions next week. But again, better to wait till the formation, and study its development and behaviour. Shall keep the development posted on this blog.
The current moderate to continue in the south for the next 2/3 days. And, ECMRWF forecasts a low in the south Bay around the 27th./28th.

And, the press is at it again ! The ToI reported on 18th. Sept that Mumbai has recieved 3600 mms of rain this year ! Wow !! thats 144 inches !! The actual rain is 1718 mm (68 inches) at Colaba, and 1932 mm (77 inches) at S'Cruz.
Wish the newspaper would clarify its a sum total of 2 rain gauges. And as on the 19th. this stands at -9%, roughly the same for both, Colaba and S'cruz.


Chris said...

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Anonymous said...

It rained in Mumbai yesterday with Juhu getting rains for nearly 2 hours

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