Friday, March 20, 2009

With the approach of the latest W.D., scattered rain has been recorded throughout the northern regions. Delhi had a light drizzle today. As a result, finally the temperatures in the entire Indian region has now come down to near normal levels. Todays day temperatures in the map show a lone 40,( compared to 41s and quite a few 40s last week, or the last 15 days).
Map shows the temperature variation in the sub continent for the first half of March.

Most of the northern areas are now in the mid 3os. Quite normal for this time, 3rd. week of march.

Now, another W.D approaches the north, and by mid week, we may see rains in the western Himalayas, and some rain in the northern plains mid week.

A "low vortex" is forecasted to develope in the ghat regions of north Maharashtra. The hill stations of Lonavla, Pune, and Mahableshwar can get some rain around Tuesday/Wednesday.

Due to a trough, some light rain is likely next week along the Kerala and south Karnatak coast.

Next blog will be posted on 30th. March.

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