Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Sunday's depressions over the Bay intensified into a deep depression and crossed the Orissa coast on Monday.It moved westward and crossed through Chattisgarh,East M.P and now seems to be moving towards Gujarat. The south west flow of winds due to the depression, and the off shore trough remaining upto the Karnatak coast only, restricted the to the north of the Kerala coast and north of interior Karnataka. Same maybe the case with the fresh low.

Now, something interesting. An upper air cyclonic swirl over North Arabian Sea and coastal Gujarat, has already poured very heavy rain, from 100mms to 380 mms(Okha), over Gujarat. This sea based circulation is now set to merge with the land based low and move to sea as a single entity.(Maybe all the way to Oman). The combination will set off swirling heavy rain over the North Maharashtra coast and Gujarat region,including very heavy rain over coastal Gujarat till Friday.

Meanwhile, the 2 pacific storms have moved west north west, thus somewhat helping the bay branch of the monsoon . It will provide some strenght to the new low, set to form in the bay by 10th. of August.The IMD update predicts a similar low.The fresh low, will surely intensify, and cross the Orissa coast by 15/16 August.


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