Friday, August 10, 2007

The deep depression has moved away from India, and is now a low off the Sindh coast. Cloud imagery and pressure readings show the system to be weakening and chances of a cyclone forming off this system are poor. Rain amounts too have been lesser in Sindh. However, rain can be expected in north east Oman and parts of eastern Arabia on Saturday.

But much rain has been dumped by this system in coastal Gujarat and Kutch. Upto 750 mms in Veraval, 500mms in Porbunder in 2/3 days and 470 mms in Talala in a day.

Now, as the IMD forecasts the western end of the monsoon trough to shift north, heavy rain may be the order of the day for a couple of days from Saturday in the north western hills. Maybe some precautionary measures in case of heavy downpours.

The plains and central India should get the welcome respite from rain now.

But another low has started forming in the Bay. It is early to estimate its strenght and its development is be watched.

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