Friday, August 31, 2007

The month of August saw Mumbai (colaba) recording 688 mms of rain, higher for the month than in 2005 and 2006.

This graph shows the amount of rain in Mumbai as on end August as almost equal to the season's total of about 2000 mms, and with still a month's rain left. Highest for the month in the recent past was in 1983, when almost 1180 mms fell in August. The seasonal total(June/July/Aug.) for Colaba is 2016 mms, against 1947 mms for the same period last year.

For Mumbai (Santa Cruz), August this year saw 605 mms , against 952 last year. Again, in the recent past, it was 1983, with 1225 mms in August for the suburbs. While the season's total for suburbs is 2132 mms (2494 last year).

However, the overall rain for India,for the period, is +2%,and the regional distribution is clear in this diagram.

Heavy rainfall region Mahableshwar recorded 1985 mms of rain this month, against 3038 mms for the same month last year ! Reminds me of a "weather joke"

"I can't believe it," said the tourist. "I've been here an entire weekand it's done nothing but rain. When do you have summer here?""Well, that's hard to say," replied the local."Last year, it was on a Wednesday."

The forecast indicates the formation of a low in the Bay around the 2nd. as a result of which increased rainfall can be expected along A.P. coast and Orissa. But due to lack of moisture support, the low may not travel beyond East M.P. or Central India.
The trough off the west coast will keep coastal Maharashtra,Karnataka and Goa wet with scattered heavy rain for the next 2/3 days.
For Mumbai, it is heavy passing showers for the next 3 days, with around 15 mms of rain per day.


Anonymous said...

There is a line of thunderstorms today - 5th Sept. right from North Gujarat / SOuthern Rajasthan all the way upto Andhra Pradesh, passing through Vidarbha, this is different from the Thunderstorms around WB, Jarkhand, Orrissa which are due to the UAC prevailing there. Why did the line of Thunderstorms crop up from Guj - AP? What is causing it.

Rajesh said...

I have tried to reply to your question in my blog. I am no expert, but whatever I could see from my experiance, I have expressed.
Where are you from as your comment does not indicate your location.

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