Thursday, March 15, 2007

With the last mentioned W.D. now moving away,we may expect very windy weather in N.India and in central and western India.Night temperatures will fall by around 4°c in the next few days.

Mumbai and rest of Maharashtra, will be windy for the next few days,with pleasant temperatures till Sunday.Nights should get just about a bit pleasant for a few more days.

Another approaching W.D. should give rain/snow to Kashmir,H.P.and Utterkhand on 19th./20th. of this month.Plains of Punjab may get rain too.

This W.D. will be particularly strong in Pakistan,with fairly good rains in Sindh and Karachi on Sunday/Monday.


Sateesh Chirputkar said...

its so nice to read your weather report. it has brought me again in touch with weather.
please continue this great work for people like us who dont know much about weather
sateesh chirputkar

Rajesh said...


Thank you for your nice comments.Hope you enjoy the write up,and if you need any information,I will try and help.


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