Thursday, March 01, 2007

Winter by passes Mumbai and Central India:
With the starting of the month of March,it seems the winter has given the Central parts of India and Mumbai(and Maharashtra)the by-pass.During this winter ,the average temperature in Mumbai was 1.12°c above the expected normal winter temperature,with the mercury touching 36°c on several occasions.The average temperture this winter at Pune was 1.22°c above normal.Thus indicating a warmer winter in the region.This is due to winds remaining predominantly from theEast and southwest.
On the other hand,the scene in North India was similar.Delhi had an average of 0.66°c above normal, Jaipur and Lucknow were 0.3°c and 0.6°c above normal while only a small pocket in Punjab was below normal. Amritsar in Punjab was 0.54°c below normal.
Thus,almost the entire country had a warm season this winter.
The winter in Pakistan was still milder.Islamabad was above the average by 1.35°c and Karachi in the south was 1.6°c above.
A warm winter was also the case in Europe.
the UK Meteorological Office declared yesterday that winter 2006-2007 was actually the UK’s second mildest on record. In fact, for the South of England it is the mildest on record. It has been notably warmer than average over the last few months.
At the end of January the Royal Horticultural Society confirmed most spring flowers were in bloom between Yorkshire, Devon and Surrey – including rhododendrons, not normally seen until March.
MeteoSwiss declared this winter to be Switzerlands warmest since records began 140 years ago.
The German Weather Service declares this winter also to be the warmest on record across Central Europe.

As we bow out of February and the final statistics are fully analysed, it may not be too long before other countries make similar statements regarding the winter of 2006/2007.

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