Friday, March 16, 2007

Today,16th.March,the first 40°c of this summer in India was recorded.And that too in ..of all the places...Mumbai ! On 16th.,Santacruz was 40.0°c(+7) and Colaba was 39.5°c(+9),not only the warmest in India,but the sub continent.And that too when the other traditionally hot stations were still way off the 40° mark.Nagpur is around 34°,which normally touches 40° first,while North India is still way below normal around 25°c.

But still,Colaba was very nearly close to its all time March high of 39.7°c on 8th.March 1958,and the March record for Santacruz is 41.7° on 28th.March 1956.

The heat has concentrated around Mumbai only,as the other stations along the coast have not exceeded 35-36°c.This is due to a sudden gush of Easterly winds,preventing the cool northerlies,or the westerlies from cooling the city.

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