Tuesday, January 23, 2007

In continuation of my last blog,this year,as yet,the winter in several parts of the world has been warmer than normal.In Eastern U.S.especially in New York,the temperatures have been above normal,till 16th.Jan,and Jim informs that on 6th.Jan,the day was as high as 22°c,against a normal of 3°c.On many days throughout Jan,New York has seen warmer than normal days with the day temperatures hovering around 8-10°c.

Jim has also given some useful data on the severe winter in Moscow last year.As compared to this year,last year resembled an artic winter.In jan 2006,Moscow saw a mild day on 16th. with a daytime high of -1°C (30°F), but then on 17th. night temperatures in the city plummeted to -29°C .On 17th. the mercury only struggled to a high of -21°C.and on 18th.to -27°c.On 19th.the minimum fell to -31°c.

Well,now,a W.D.is approaching the sub continent,and should pour some good quantity of rain and snow to bring the winter back in here.I see the rain/snow over Pakistan on tuesday/wednessday,and over N.India by wednessday/thursday.All of North and Central India should get affected by the cold front,and a cold snap expected over North and Central India(including Mah.and Guj.)from Friday thru Sunday.

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