Friday, January 19, 2007

Comet McNaught is a real hit. It's a wonderful sight after sunset.The comet's magnitude is around -3, and its bright and curved tail is easy to see with the naked eye in the snap.
The comet is widely visible from all parts of the Southern Hemisphere.Look at the photo, above: McNaught's dusty tail is curved. Why? Because it traces the comet's curved orbit. The tail curves so much that it actually leads all the way back to the northern hemisphere where it can be seen glowing very faintly in the western sky after sundown.

Amateur astronomer Paul Robinson first spotted it on Jan. 16th from Boulder, Colorado, "The tail is very faint and resembles a pale aurora borealis," he says.

And whats with the Mumbai weather? 13th. to 17th. Jan Mumbai had daywith the temperatures at 27-28°c(1°c below normal),and suddenly on 18th.Jan the day was hot at 34°c!Thats because the north breeze suddenly turned to warm easterlies.
The nights too were a pleasant 15°c in Santacruz on 17th.,and a sudden rise to 20°c the next day.
Fortunately,the easterlies will not last more than a couple of days.

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