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U.S. Faces Severe Heat.. 

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The slow Monsoon run in Mumbai continues in July. 

Daily Rain 1st to 6th July:

 Scruz: June /July =443mms (-40%)

Driest June was in 1995 with 82 mms rain.

Colaba :June /July Total = 559 mms  ( -24 %).

Driest June was in 2014 with 55 mms in the whole Month.

The Graph below showing the daily rainfall at these Stations this year as on date, indicate the highest rainfall on a single day is just 80 mms at Colaba, and 70 mms at Scruz.( Vag. Ganesh informs)


Now, till the 10th, we can expect this same "occasional Showers" weather for Mumbai...around 20-30 mm/day..

Corresponding rain in Lakes have also been lesser the Normal...and Lakes show a very marginal rise to 10.88 % Storage Level.  ( 2023 =18%, 2022= 16%).


Pune has gathered excess rainfall till date with the June/July rainfall at 269 mms ( + 34%).

June was 249 mms ( Wettest June ever was 530 mms in 1991, driest 1.3 mms in 1947).

Pune can expect light rains in some parts on Sunday. Slight increase in rains on Monday and Tuesday, around 20-25 mms /day.

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