Thursday, April 04, 2024

Outlook for the Weekend : Friday 5th April -  Sunday7th April.

Mumbai: The weather last week 👇

 Next 3 days will be sparsely cloudy, thus increasing the humidity and sweaty feeling. The "Real feel" will be 38c The temperatures will be  34/35c in the day and 23c at night. 

Pune:The weather last week; Consistent Days..Just avoiding the 40c Mark.👇

Next week will be warm and cloudy...again, increasing humidity and "Real Feel" will be 40c.. Days now managing to touch 40c, but nights around 19/20c.

Sambhajinagar( Aurangabad):

With some rain or thundershowers expected on 6th and 7th, the weather is to turn humid and warm...around 38/39c in the day and 23c at night.

Over Maharashtra: Hot and also humid. Mostly days around 40c in the Interiors and coastal around 35/36c. Saturday /Sunday, interiors will get cloud cover, and pre monsoon light rains, Uncomfortably warmer nights.


sridu said...

when is El-NIno phase ending and neutral phase going to start...El_nino gets us only cyclones not much of rain for us ..

Nilang said...

First Monsoon Watch 2024 on 10th April 2024? Eagerly waiting for Monsoon Watch 1 😃

21st May  *Seasonal Low Pressure forming in South Bay of Bengal on 22nd. *Will pull up the South West Monsoon into the Andamans.  *System wi...