Sunday, January 28, 2024

2 Month Dry spell ending soon with much needed showers in North India...

Delhi NCR can get first proper spell of winter rain/thunderstorms on 31st January and 1st February with chance of some hail...windy weather in early February with good Air quality.

From 31st onwards daytime may become pleasant

28th Evening Post:


The warming up of the Mumbai region started this weekend from 26th January,  and Santa Cruz touched a high of 34c on 27&28th. Now, expected to reach 35c by 30th. The upward trend seen here, is due to the change of wind direction to an unseasonal shift to SE and Westerly. 

On 28th, the Interior MMR showed Highs of:

Karjat 35.4c

Kalyan 35

Badlapur 34.8

Navi Mumbai 34.7

Thane 34.5

Mira road 34.2

Mumbai SCZ 34.2

Information from Vag. Abhijit.

This does not indicate an end to Mumbai Winter, as Mumbaikars are fearing. 

With the advent of a much awaited Western Disturbance (WD) in the North from 30th. With another back to back WD on the 2nd of February, Mumbai will be swept by the cool and welcome North winds from 1st.

Days will start getting cooler from Thursday 1st February, and humidity will reduce to a large extent, wiping away the sweat.

Expect a drop in temperatures from 1st Thursday, as the city sees the refreshing cooler North winds, bringing the mercury lower to 14/16c around 3rd February. 


Seeing the hotter days now at 32c. Relief after 30th, for the days to drop to 29c, and nights again at pleasant level of  11//12c. by 1st February.

Gujarat: Most of Gujarat region and Saurashtra are now in the 31c range and around 13c at night.

Cooling period will start from Wednesday 31st.

Bharuch is now showing a day temperature warm at 32c and nights at 16c. Expect a little warming till 30th. From Wednesday, the days will get cooler and nights at around 12c

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