Sunday, January 14, 2024

14th January 

Mumbai: Cool and pleasant weather expected for next 4 days in Mumbai region. With winds becoming northerly, daytime likely to be around 30°C and nights around 17-18°C. 

Wednesday 17th January may be the coolest with cool windy weather restricting max temperature to 27-28°C and minimum could possibly drop to around 16°C. 

Thane district will see cooler nights of around 14°C. 

Dahanu region can see slightly cooler max temperature than Mumbai. 

Madhya Maharashtra:

Mahabaleshwar now around 27-15° range, will gradually cool down to touch 9° by 18th.

Nashik region to see minimum dropping till around 12°C by Wednesday. 

Pune could see higher daytime temperature than Mumbai, with max around 31°C. Minimum can remain around 13-14°C, with outskirts more cooler.



Lows in the plains beat the Hill Stations of North...

Incessant January heat continues at Hill stations, on 13th January, 2024 Srinagar recorded 15.0°c maximum temperature appreciable above normal by 8.9°c, also this is the 6th highest ever max temperature for the month of Jan 🔥 

While Fog covered Jammu witnessed 8.9°c max lower compared to even Drass at 9.3°c at 3,300m height, Jammu's Tmax stayed in single digits for 4th day in a row. 

What say.."Vagaries of the Weather "

Report from Navdeep Dahiya.

14th Morning 👇

Chandigarh 3.2°C

Patiala 3.4°C

LodhiRoad 3.4°C

Safdarjung 3.5°C

Hisar 3.9°C

Ayanagar 4°C

Amritsar 4.1°C

Ridge 4.4°C

Palam 5.9°C

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