Wednesday, February 08, 2023

Posted 7th Night: 

Many regions of Western, Central and some parts of Northern plains of India to heat up to above normal temperatures on 9th to 11th February

Image courtesy NCMRWF


☆Mumbai will see some daytime heating from 9th - 11th February..Days rising to 34/35c. 

☆This does not indicate Summer commencing...Mumbai will continue with its "pleasant temperatures " after 12th, with comfortable nights at 18/19c. 

☆May not get the chill of 15c or below. 

☆No sweaty weather this month will be a relief for this coastal city.


☆A small surge in temperatures, day and night, from 9th - 11th February. 

☆Days going to 34/35c and nights at around 15c (not good enough). 

☆But summer is not yet knocking, and extreme heat is not expected till next month.

Mahabaleshwar is expected to be warm at 30c this week, with nights  at 14/15c

Thane,Panvel,Navi Mumbai...and Interior Maharashtra expected to heat up this week, to 35/37c, specially Vidharbh (Akola). 

Aurangabad Region will see days around 33/34c but nights at around 18c.

Bharuch: Days expected to get hotter this week, with the mercury touching 34/35c. Nights a little better at 18/19c. Not to be concerned yet of summer like temperatures.

As seen in image, most of Gujarat is going to warm up to 34-36c range this week.

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