Saturday, February 11, 2023

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Hottest February on Cards for  India. ? 😨

We may be heading for record breaking hottest February for country in the recorded history

 Safdarjung today: 27.7c 5 degree above normal

 Delhi palam minimum temperature today: 16.2c, 6 degree above normal

Pune shivajinagar: 35.7c 4c above normal

Yesterday 10th

Widespread maximum temperature anomaly of greater than 5c was observed yesterday 

Jhansi: 33.4c 7c above normal

Bhopal: 32.8c 5c above normal

Gwalior: 32.7c, 7 c above normal

Jabalpur: 32.1c 5c above normal

I think it is due to presence of La Nina that feb is going to be hot

La Nina does not allows strong WD in general resulting in way above normal temperatures in absence of other teleconnections factors

For the period 12-14 Feb, a reduction of 3-4°C in maximum temperature is on the card for Haryana, Delhi NCR, and west UP. 

However, from 15 February, the maximum temperature will start rising. For the period 16 Feb-20 Feb entire west, central India, and Indo-Gangetic plains will see 4-6c above normal temperatures, with few cities likely to see maximum temperatures 7-8c above normal.

Delhi also likely to touch 31-32c between 18-20 February.

Severe heat as per February standards will heat west India central india north india between 16-21 feb.

Latest forecast indicates between 16-21 feb temperatures in central north India will be easily 7-9c above normal in many cities

Images credit IMD

Article by Vag. Vineetkumar. 

Postdoctoral Researcher
Typhoon Research Center
Jeju National University, South Korea

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