Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Diurnal Temperature Variation across Maharashtra!

Question: What exactly is Diurnal Temperature Variation?

- Diurnal temperature variation is the fluctuation/variation between the maximum and minimum temperature recorded in the day.

Some Diurnal temperature variations seen across Maharashtra state in °C:

Max/Min temperatures on 1st February, 2022 (Given in brackets is the temperature difference):

1.Ahmednagar:33.8/8.8 (25)

2.Jalgaon:31.1/7.5 (23.6)

3.Pune:32.8/9.9 (22.9)

4.Washim:32/10 (22)

5.Solapur:34.2/12.6 (21.6)

6.Jeur:32/11 (21)

7.Nashik:30.4/9.5 (20.9)

8.Wardha:32.6/11.8 (20.8)

9.Nagpur:31.2/10.6 (20.6)

10.Yavatmal:32/11.5 (20.5)

11.Akola:32.9/12.6 (20.3)

12.Aurangabad:30.7/10.8 (19.9)

13.Gondia:30.2/10.4 (19.8)

14.Nanded:31.2/12.2 (19)

15.Satara:31.9/13 (18.9)

16.Sangli:34/15.3 (18.7)

17.Parbhani:32.6/14.5 (18.1)

18.Mumbai Scz:32.1/14.8 (17.3)

19.Kolhapur:33/17 (16)

20.Ratnagiri:32.2/16.5 (15.7)

Data Credits:IMD

Compiled by: Vagarian Abhishek Apte

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