Sunday, January 23, 2022

Sunday 23rd January:

Sunday was a cold day for Mumbai: The day's maximum was 23.8c at Santa Cruz and 24c at Colaba. A very small rise from the previous minimum which was 21.6c at Colaba and 21.0c at Santa cruz.

However, this was not the coldest day ever for the city. The coldest day as per Vagaries ( Extreme Blog) record. Santa Cruz had its coldest day on 8th February 2008,  at 22.2c. Colaba on 8th February 2008 at 23.1c.

[From Blog ⬇⬇

 "Coldest Day: Scruz:     22.2c (-9c)  8th Feb 2008, 

Previous Scruz Max 22.8c on 26th Jan 1962

                         Colaba:    23.1  (-6c)   8th Feb 2008
On 8th Feb 2008,  Max at  Dahanu was 20c (-8c) and  Harnai 21c (-7c).
Lowest Ever Minimum: Scruz:    7.4c  22nd Jan 1962
                           Colaba:   11.7c  15th Jan 1935, 1st Feb 1929

Borivali National Park saw 6.5c ( Unofficial) and IIT 7.5c on 8th Feb 2008."]

The other day temperatures today were: Mahabaleshwar 18.5c, Kalwan 20.5c, Nasik 21.5c, Aurangabad 23.3c, Pune 24c.

In Gujarat, cold day temperatures today were: Deesa & Patan  21.5c, Junagadh 22.0c, Chottaudaipur 22.1c,  Okha 22.3c, Bharuch 22.3c, Baroda 22.6c, Naliya 23.0c, Diu, Silvasa & Surat 23.1c, Porbundar 23.7c, 


Mumbai: Seeing a very hazy and dusty Sunday. due to the dusty winds streams blowing in from the NW, dust from the Balochistan  region and U.A.E. is blowing into Gujarat & North Konkan.

From Gaurav

Humidity in Mumbai drops to 51% and air quality deteriorates. (This is a natural phenomena.)

Picture of Mumbai Marine Drive from Malabar Hill

Pic Courtesy Pawlomi 

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