Thursday, February 18, 2016

Daily Highest Temp in India will be put up in "Flash Snippets" till 40c is reached >>>>>>    

Posted Thursday Evening:

Western Disturbance F-3 will bring precipitation to North Pakistan (Punjab) and Upper Sindh regions on Friday 19th.
Winds subside in Karachi from Friday.

On the Indian side, Kashmir, HP, Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan can expect rains, more in the Kashmir and HP regions.

Saturday will see precipitation shifting Eastwards into India. Very heavy rain/snow likely in Kashmir and HP. Srinagar will get rains, bringing down the day temperatures to 12/13c. Rains likely in Shimla with a cold Saturday.
Cloudy weather in Gujarat on Saturday..

New Delhi will initially get a bit warm on Friday 19th, being cloudy do not expect the night temperatures to fall. Saturday will bring rains.

North winds start from Sunday. Cooler temperatures expected from Sunday in Rajasthan, Gujarat, MP and Konkan and Madhya Maharashtra.

Mumbai can expect warm day on Friday and Saturday, around 31c. Cool winds from Saturday evening or Sunday, bringing a fall in day and night temperatures to around 28c and 16/17c at night...

Kolkata: Hot days for Kolkata...with the high at DumDum on Thursday at 34.7c, and 34.5c at Alipur, it is already 5c above normal. This city may have to bear 35c on Friday and 36/37c on Saturday/Sunday. From Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday as showers will bring the relief from the heat wave.


Rajesh said...

I do not have records prior to 1985...but after 1985, the earliest first 40c has been on 22nd Feb at Akola in 2006

Abhijit Modak said...

N.Kerala is seriously boiling !! Kannur which all time highest record for Feb was 37.6c on 13 Feb 2004 but that was broken yesterday on 18 Feb by registering 37.8c.. And today Kannur again breaks it's own record of yesterday & makes new 38.8c as record highest temp ever for Feb month !!

Evewrest said...

Wow... seriously hot temps. Bhubaneshwar 7c above normal. Angul 8c above normal. Nizamabad 5c above normal at 38.6c. Mangalore AP 6c above normal.

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