Friday, February 12, 2016

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Posted Friday 12th Night:

Current pleasant temperature range in Mumbai, between 28c and 18c will continue into Saturday and Sunday. Mumbai could see rise in temperatures by 4/5c from Wednesday 17th onwards.

Day temperatures will start to show a rise in North-West, Central and North India and in Parts of Sindh and Pak Punjab from Wednesday 17th February..
Delhi may touch 31c, Nagpur and Ahmadabad could reach 36c !

Weekend will see light rains/snow in Kashmir and Upper reaches of H.P. Prevailing WD moves away.

Monday 15th: Light rains in East M.P. and Chattisgarh.
Tuesday 16th: Rains in South T.N, Interior Karnataka, Kerala and Goa. (Upper air off shore west coast trough). Some isolated showers in parts of East M.P.
Gusty NE winds in South East Sindh including Karachi.
Wednesday 17th. Showers in N.I. Karnataka, Madhya Maharashtra (Pune/Nasik), adjoining M.P, Kerala, N.I. Karnataka and TN.
Thursday 18th: Possible showers in Saurashtra, and SE Rajasthan.
Gusty NE winds in South East Sindh including Karachi.

Tuesday onwards situation will be reviewed again on Monday, as we depend on the formation and extension of the off shore upper air trough and LWD.

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