Saturday, April 05, 2014

Posted Saturday, 5th April:

As posted last Monday (31st), yes, last forecast was many days ago, the heat has started increasing from Friday, and Sindh Centres in paistan have crossed the 40c mark.Gujarat, Rajasthan, Ap, Odisha and Maharastra have started seeing the brunt of the heat...Mumbai jumped to 38c on Friday, and back to 33.8c on Saturday.

Estimate Temperatures for next 2 days....see the Decrease on Monday 7th


Neeraj said...

After being quite hot towards the end of March - up to 31.5 C on 30th of March- temps have dipped for the start of April - min/max temp on the 3rd was 9.8/21.4 C .

Atul P Naik said...

Margao Goa and surrounding areas got first drizzle of the year on the intervening night of April 5-6. The drizzle for about 30 minutes around midnight left puddles of water on the city roads, but failed to bring down the humidity or the temperature. Minimum temperature recorded by Panaji IMD was 26.4C the highest minimum recorded this year, so far!

This on top of a localized storm with hails in north east corner of Goa on April 4, that left extensive damage in its wake.

sset said...

Navi Mumbai very cloudy and windy. About to rain any time!!

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