Sunday, April 13, 2014

1. A-3 should move into Northern Pakistan (Northern Sindh and Pak Punjab) by 16th April. A-3 in North India by 17th April.
2. Rainfall along East coast decreasing from 14th. Moving towards Bengal...Moving towards Kolkata , where Thunder shower possible on 15th/16th.
3. Rains increases in kerala next few days.Shower for Bangalore on 14th/15th April.

Madhya Maharastra was cool on Sunday morning...Ahmadnagar was 15.2c (6c below) ,  Pune saw a low of 14.7c (5c below), while Mahableshwar was 19.2c.


Neeraj said...

Hazy day at Kathmandu keeping temp low : today , monday, temp is 9 C and 24.6 C; not bad for middle of April.

Rajesh K said...

South Karnataka and Kerala have got good rain it seems... Somehow Bangalore just missed it..hoping for tomorrow...

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