Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Conditions and parameters have become favourable to exit the SW Monsoon from further regions in North and NW India. 
What we see are parameters like the OLR and UTH going the "non monsoon" way. The water vapour image also points out to reduced seasonal moisture from the region. This is due to the high pressure in the 850 hp zone moving in rapidly from the west.
Monsoon Axis has shifted down south. If the East wind blowing in the Notrthern plain is shown as the only parameter showing "pro monsoon" condition, let me clarify that the East winds are not from Bay but from far east (Myanmar).

So, according to Vagaries, the SWM has withdrawn from Haryana, Delhi and West UP regions. See Map.

This is the longest SWM tenure in Delhi, beating the previous IMD record of 111 days in 1956. But, to compare, we wait for the IMD withdrawal date.In 1956, the SWM withdrew from Delhi on 13th October.
The post Monsoon type of clouding was reported from Delhi on Wednesday 9th..Stratocumulus not resulting from the spreading out of Cumulus
Altocumulus, the greater part of which is semitransparent; the various elements of the cloud change only slowly and are all at a single level
No Cirrus, Cirrocumulus or Cirrostratus

A WD is moving in from the West, so we can expect South winds in NCR by Thursday or Friday. Light rains expected in some parts on Thursday or Friday.

BB-15, 02B  latest Below in previous Post v


Wasim said...

will the approaching western disturbance deflect the cyclone north north east, rajesh sir

Unknown said...

Very heavy rains for 2 hrs in Vasai.

Vinod Desai said...

We got a heavy shower early morning here in Malad-goregaon.

Vinod Desai said...

We got a heavy shower early morning here in Malad-goregaon.

Ron said...

after a long time am i seeing warnings being given much before the cyclone hits the it local newspapers/media etc..usually it used to start about a day before..much better now..

Abhijit Modak said...

Only North Thane dist is enjoying widespread rain from BB- 13 onward !!

Saphale 95mm
Javahar 69mm
Palghar 60mm
Kone 61mm
Agarwadi 58mm
Kudus 56mm
Manor 47mm
Talasari 36mm
Vikramgadh & Talwada 30mm
Boisar 27mm
Wada 21mm
Vasai 19mm
Dahanu 18mm
Bhiwandi 16mm

Above reading are ending 8.30am today (10-10-2013)

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