Thursday, May 23, 2013

MW-6 under finalisation..will be published on Friday Night @ 11.30 pm IST

Response to queries:

No major changes to the Mumbai Forecast put up earlier on Mumbai Page.
In fact, for Mumbai, i would estimate around < 5 mms average rain on Saturday 25th (upto Sunday 8.30 am) and 5-7 mms average on Sunday 26th, up to Monday morning readings.

The Arabian Sea UAC will descend as a low will remain weak, and fizzle out after moving West.
Some rains in Southern Oman on Sunday/Monday.

Heat Wave in Pakistan and India:..23rd May 2013

Hottest places  on 23rd May :
Pakistan: Jacobabad  50.0c, ,  Nawabshah 49.5c, , Sibbi, Larkana 49.0°C, Sukkur,  48°C, Pad Idan  and Faisalabad  47.5c.

Minimums (Pakistan) : Sibi 31.7c,  

India: Ganganagar 48.6c,  Amritsar  48.0c (All time record), Rentachintala and Dholpur 47.5c,

Churu,  Hissar and Chandrapur  47.3 °C, Delhi AP (Palam)  47.2c,  Ayanagar 47.0c, Rentachintala (A.P.) 47.1 °C,  Ramgundam  46.8 °C,  Agra (U.P.) 46.6 °C,  Nagpur Sonegaon   46.6 °C,  Allahabad / Bamhrauli   46.5 °C,  Bikaner  46.5 °C,  Raipur  46.3 °C
Chennai  (NGM) 41.3c  ( MKBM) 41.8c.  
 Mumbai Clb  35.2c       SCZ   34.0c (Mumbai Temps are Maximum, not minimum J

Minimums: India: Indirapuram (NCR) 32.9c, Nagpur  32.2c,  Chandrapur  31.6c,  Delhi Sjung 31.4c,


Neeraj said...

Heavy Rain in Kathmandu, Nepal. I am posting two links here :

Rajesh said...

Neeraj: Thanks...very good rain spell for Kathmandu..42 mms last 24 hrs is excellent. May total now 96 mms, almost reaching normal now (123 mms). Expect a drop in nights now..i think.Thundershowers will continue in Kathmandu till Monday..(in fact heavy on Monday) month's total will be normal..

Ron said...

has the monsoon moved to maldives already??

Neeraj said...

Actually 42 millimeters fell in little under two hours flat. From 4 PM afternoon to 5:45 PM when the met department takes the measurement for the day. The rain in fact continued; and close to 100 mm fell by midnight. I had to go out at 8:00 PM, and had to drive through large pool of water; and the traffic was crawling at snail's pace, and many vehicle were stranded in 3-4 feet deep water which had accumulated on low lying areas.In fact, water entered the ground floors of many houses; some of my friends were posting photos of flooded rooms. Will keep vagaries posted on new developments if any.

Unknown said...

Thank's shankar kiran and Arun kumar , for the right figures, about the pre- monsoon rains in bangalore. otherwise SSET will never stop misguiding people by quoting wrong figures.

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