Wednesday, May 15, 2013

London Weather Analysis for Jan-May 15th from Rohit... on International Page
Konkan Analysis Jan-May from rohit ...on Mumbai Page.
Cyclone Mahasen Update as on Wednesday 15th Noon and 3 days Track Estimate

South West Monsoon Advances into South Andamans...14th May 2013              


Rajesh said...

Naveen: Shall explain the parameters effecting the SWM advance in next MW-5 on Friday..meanwhile you may go through MW 1-4, links are on the right side of blog.

Anonymous said...

UK thaws in the second half of April : After 3.5 month of chill this year, UK is finally showing increasing trend of temp from 2nd half of April ..March was colder than Jan in UK ..Sub zero temps were recorded in London till 1st week of April .. Temp in london crossed 20 c in late April ..

The year till now: London(Heathrow) ,UK

Jan:7/2 , Feb :7/1, Mar: 7/1 ,Apr: 13/5 .. Lowest:-4.2 c, Highest:22.8 c

Rain/snow: 17 cms ..

Anonymous said...

The first fortnight of May, average temp -

Mumbai_SCZ : 33.4(0)/24.5(-1); Highest :34.8, Lowest: 23.6 ..
Mumbai_CLB: 34.1/ 26.9 ; Highest : 34.7;Lowest: 26..

Annual Rain in mms : 0

Anonymous said...

Konkan and Goa subdivision till now :

This sunny subdivision has received the least rainfall amongst all the met subdivisions of India from 1st Jan till 15th May 2013..The northern 2/3rd of this subdivision has hardly received any rainfall (0mms at most stations)from the start of the year (this is almost normal)..

This is the subdivision which gets 95+% of its annual rainfall from SW monsoon(291.4 cms) and ranks 2nd amongst the met sub-divisions which receive highest SW monsoon rain ..

Anonymous said...

60% of bay cyclones follow this path (recurving to hit bangla/burma coast).. Mahasen is also following the same path

emkay said...

Rajesh, I doubt Kerala is getting any rains today though the sea is rough

Unknown said...

Very windy and cloudy in Vasai, below the Indian sub-continent the monsoon clouds are showing, very puzzling movement, towards the kerala coast

Unknown said...

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