Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Latest Pics from Mars on Space News Page...

Modak Sagar, one of the lakes supplying water to Mumbai has overflowed..See Mumbai Page for levels of individual lakes..and storage capacity..BTW, press now has reached Vagaries' figure of 238 days water availibility..

A good example below of Image showing perfect clouding along the Monsoon Axis Line..Image from IMD 4.00pm IST..west coast trough off Karnataka getting weak..

Rainfall expected along axis line Thursday..MP, East  Rajasthan and West UP...rains dragging to the west on the weekend.
Rains along coastal Karnataka and Kerala for one more day...
Detailed forecast for Weekend will be put up tonite (Thursday Night).

This is the current situation. As it is late by the time i put up this post, and due to time constraint, i am not puting up a forecast now...shall put up next 2/3 days forecast by Thursday 12.30 pm IST.

Vagaries' has imposed the diagram over the IMD Satellite Image showing the Monsoon Axis. (Below)
The Elongated Low over Pakistan is the Seasonal Low...And the otehr lows seen in the axis are normal. 

Actually an axis is the joining line of such lows. Its NOT any system. 
(The "low pressure" mentioned hitherto in the IMD bulletins has never been announced in Vagaries, as, no chart, not even the IMD MSLP charts, show any such system. Vagaries has mentioned an UAC.)
Check the clouding along the axis. 

A trough runs from the Eastern end of the Axis along the east coast. A feeble trough runs South of the Karnataka coast.


GSB said...

Happy to see SPIN getting above normal rains for the last 3/4 days..

All our friends from south particularly Bangalore etc would be slighly relieved..

Hope Har.CHd&Delhi, Punjab , West Rajasthan , Sau & Kutch and Gujrat also manage to reduce their defecit.. All are currently over 60% deficit as of today..

Pradeep said...

No decrease in intensity of Rains in Karnatka

High intensity rain lashed several parts of the Dakshina Kannada District on Wednesday causing flooding in low lying areas in many parts of the district.

On Wedenesday from 8.30 am, Moodabidri recorded 65 mm of rainfall at 1 pm, Panaje in Puttur taluk recorded 52 mm in 15 minutes between 3.15 and 3.30 pm. Sulya recorded 54 mm of rainfall in 15 minutes from 3.45 pm.

Anonymous said...

sir news channels are sgowing that 1 of the six lakes which supply water to mumbai out of them modaksagar is overflowing frm yesterday morning plz confirm on this.n for my kwomledge plz tell me which are the lakes out of those six lakes that provides drinking water to mumbai.

Shitij said...

Yesterday evening some areas of Surat recieved some medium showers while some areas were absolutely dry. Athwagate and Adajan areas received 15mm of rainfall while citylight and bhatar areas were dry.

Shitij said...

At present Surat is receiving some medium showers.

Abhijit Modak said...

Just 2 or 3 short heavy spell yesterday in Badlapur.So in past 24hrs, 10mm rain measured here.(i.e from yesterday 8.30am to today 8.30am)

Vijayanand said...

At 5.30 am today:

Showing dense cloudmass off North kerela and karnataka coastline. If this moves east, its going to be one massive spell of rain. Hope we get something out of this.

Vijayanand said...


Wow! from where do you get these stats about Moodabidri, Panaje and sulya. Rain stats that too with exact time details is great.

Pradeep said...

Rainfall in mm ending 8.30 am on 09.08.2012

6th Straight day of Rains in areas around Chennai....As usual Nunga missed....Hats off to Rajesh Sir who personally said to me that it would rain widespread only on 8th night for Chennai Region

Madurantakkam - 78
Chengelpet - 50
Mahabalipuram - 40
Kattupakkam - 35
Sholliganallur - 34
Ponneri - 30
Kancheepuram - 30
Arakonnam - 30
Wallajah - 30
Uttiramerur - 28
Kalavai - 27
Cheyyur - 26
RK pet - 25
Poondi - 21
Ellapuram - 21
Kaveripakkam - 20
Virinjipuram - 16
Puzhal - 14
Chennai AP (Meenambakkam) - 14
Tamaraipakkam - 13
Guindy - 12
Madhavaram - 12
Kadambathur - 11
Maduranthagam - 10
Tambaram - 10
Tiruttani - 10
Pallipattu - 10
Sholingur - 10
Kolapakkam - 9
Ennore - 9
Redhills - 9
Korattur - 9
Poonamalle - 8
Tiruvallur - 8
Katpadi - 8
Avadi - 7
Cholavaram - 7
Kea metsite (Nungambakkam) - 6
Chennai City (Nungambakkam) - 4

Anonymous said...

@Pradeep Any rain possible today in and around Chennai?

Pradeep said...

Till now, no thunderstorm activity can be seen around 150 to 200 km vicinity which develops around the 3.00 pm mark

Around 5.00 pm we can have a clear picture. Its damm humid. There are more chances to rain in the suburbs than the city but not more than 10 mm.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Pradeep.

Pradeep said...

No stopping of rains in Kollur in Karnataka, gets around 1000 mm in last 6 days
This was supposed to be the weak phase of MJO for Southern Peninsula. The intensity of rains have been reduced in Maharashtra. However, in Karnataka and Kerala it has just started pouring. Not even IMD or other models predicted such heavy rains for these two states particularly Karnataka. One place, Kollur which along with Agumbe and Hulikal dominated rainfall in 2011 got heavy rainfall for past one week.

Kollur rainfall in mm in last 6 days

04.08.2012 - 115
05.08.2012 - 90
06.08.2012 - 190
07.08.2012 - 201
08.08.2012 -180
09.08.2012 -193

Only Kitwade, Amboli and Tamini have got more rainfall in August this year.

Pradeep said...

As usual Thunderstorm moving towards Chennai....will Nungambakkam get atleast 7th time lucky

6th December  Cyclone Michaung nears the end of it's life cycle in Telangana.  It will go into  records for causing extremely very heavy...