Saturday, June 05, 2010

Update of..:
What cyclone? Where's the cyclone?At 996 mb,its no longer a cyclone.And where's the rain?Image of at 12 noon on Saturday.
Heading East, the system is fizzling out fast and rapidly.On entering North India as a low, it will precipitate some rain in the regions of Rajasthan, Punjab and Delhi by tomorrow.

What about the Monsoon? No change in our previous discussions and estimates. A sort of "cooling off" and "Re-Organisation" period is required,as the system will pass as a mini W.D. thru the Northern regions of the Sub-Continent.

This "waiting period" could be till 9th. June at the most for the west coast, North of Karnataka. Kerala should see the start of the revival from 8th.June. The forecasted wind direction for the 9th. June, raises the hopes of a revival by then.The Monsoon current, on gaining momentum by then, should progress into Karnataka and Goa by the 8th. and Mumbai by 10th. June.

No change in Mumbai Forecast: Increase in rains after the Monsoon arrives on 10th. June. (As per the sequence of events today).

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