Friday, June 04, 2010

TC 03A HAS EXITED BACK INTO WATER IN THE GULF OF OMAN: Update at 8.00pm ISt. Satellite image of 9.30pm IST.
" Phet" is currently located at 23.0N 59.6E, 100 Kms south-East of Muscat, having crossed over to the Arabian Sea from the Northern coast of Oman close to SUR. Winds are at 65 Knts, with central pressure of about 974 Mb. Earlier,"PHET" crossed the Eastern Coast of Oman and tracked in a Northerly direction and currently has re-emerged into the Arabian Sea North of Oman.
Satellite image shows considerable decline in rain, and rainfall area.Muscat recorded 34 mms of rain upto 8pm Local time today.This is quite a lot of rain for Muscat.
Forecast models are predicting the track to be towards Pakistan Coast, move rapidly now, and make landfall near Karachi, in the next 24 hours.
As the weakened "Phet" approaches the Kutch region, Coastal Saurashtra and Kutch regions can expect some heavy showers, and gusty winds for a day from Sunday.

Highest in Asia: Basra(Iraq): 47c
Highest in India: Ramagundam: 44.6c

Much of the Indian Sub-Continent has seen the back of the severe Heat Wave. Incidently, Pakistan's highest was also 45c at Sibi.

 In fact we see some rain coming into Northern India from the west.The rain accumalation map of today shows some rain in the extreme north, (of which are discussing), in Kerala, coastal Karnataka, in patches in interior A.P., and some regions in the North-East.
Peshawar in Pakistan had the highest rainfall today of 74mms.

Mumbai Colaba had a high of 36.4c today and SantaCruz was 34.6c. With the minimum at 29.3c, its hot, humid and stuffy weather in Mumbai. But this was expected, and the "teasing" showers are going to maintain this sweaty weather in Mumbai till the 10th. of June.

From our Partner Blog:
"Dangerous Tropical Cyclone Phet Slams into Oman"

Mark has reproduced a very good write up on "Phet". He has reproduced it from Accuweather, but it is very informative and interesting.

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