Friday, November 27, 2009

Heavy November Rains in U.K.

Though a bit late, putting up this information about the record rains in Scotland is a must.

The wettest November day on record in the U.K. has caused flooding problems across the south west of Scotland.

Heavy rain affected many parts of north-west Britain during 18, 19 and 20 November 2009, and led to widespread flooding.

The rain was particularly heavy and "monsoonish" (says Mark Vogan) in the mountainous terrain of Cumbria and southwest Scotland resulting in record rainfall totals.

In Cumbria, 372.4 mm of rain fell at Seathwaite and 361.4 mm of rain at Honister between 0800 on Wednesday 18 November and 0400 on Friday 20 November. This includes the 24-hour total at Seathwaite (ending 0045 on Friday 20 November) of 314.4 mm, which is a UK record for a single location in any given 24-hour period

Parts of Scotland were also badly affected, and flooding was also reported in Dumfries and Galloway in Scotland, where 30 roads closed in "treacherous" conditions.

"It's desperate. The town centre is completely flooded, the only people out there at the moment are the emergency services. The water is up to the waists of the firefighters." - A resident owner of a hotel.

About 1,200 homes in the Cockermouth area and 349 around Keswick lost power on Thursday night.

Further, there is excellent information in detail about this topic and rain records, and generally very good details of U.K. weather on Mark Vogan's blog.

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