Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cold days in Central India

Phyan continued moving northward to north-northeastward over land and should now fizzle out within the next 12 due to further land interaction and strong vertical wind shear.

Vertical wind shear, is the sudden increase in wind speeds with height. This blows off the topmost region clouds of the storm head and kills the system.And also interaction with land cuts off the moisture needed to feed the cyclonic system.

Now, this has spread residual moisture that Cyclone Phyan has spread out over mainland, resulting in light rains and very cold days in central India and Rajasthan. Places were upto 14c below normal today.
Remaining moisture may create rain bearing clouds in the regions of interior Maharashtra, M.P. and west U.P. in the next 2 days. And precipitate some rain as well.

For the weekend:
North: Dry and day and nights getting colder. Nights 2/3 c below normal.
Central/West: Sparse rain and cloudy. Rain in pockets.
South: Spresd out rain in almost all the regions of the south. But not extreme heavy.
Mumbai: Weekend, partly cloudy. Coolish temperatures. Some rain on weekend, maybe towards Sunday.

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emkay said...

IMD preliminary report on Phyan is out at :

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