Sunday, August 23, 2009

Map of the day's high today in the sub-continent:

Some reasonable precipitation occured this week, and thankfully in deficit areas.
With good rains in Maharashtra and central India regions last few days, the result of an upper air low over Maharashtra, the deficit in the region will get a big boost, when the IMD figures are out this Thursday.

And now, another low is expected to cross the eastern coast of India around the 25th. Models show it crossing the east coast, and the precipitation moving, and increasing gradually westwards, culminating in very heavy rainfall over Gujarat by 28th./29th.
Monitoring this system from Monday onwards, we can expect rains to be moderate over coastal A.P./Orissa Monday/Tuesday (24th./25th.).
Wednessday/Thursday, we see the low shifting west, but with moderate rains over M.P. and Vidharbh. But, as the low approaches Gujarat, it may get a boost from a connecting upper low at 850 hpa, and thus, while re-emeging into the Arabian Sea, Gujarat regions may see very heavy rains 28th./29th.

Konkan , and Mumbai, may witness rains on Tuesday/Wednessday, as a result of the explained movement of the above system.

For Mumbai, Monday will be day of few heavy showers, not persisting too much. Rain around 20-25 mms. Cloudy weather will keep the temperature at 29c. Monsoonish atmosphere on Tuesday/Wednessday, with an increase in rains, and the city may get upto 35-40 mms per day.

On a lighter note: Btw, weather wise, its "peaceville" for the media now-a-days !! No topic for hyping now.Yes, it can be funny and make you chuckle when the weather gets all "hyped up". But that is media at it`s best....grabbing the viewers attention and getting them to stay tuned for the latest details.
And, if nothing threatening is going problem. Always, there is scope to put up and describe the terrible events that happened last year, or some years ago, and what will certainly happen to the unprepared

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