Thursday, July 23, 2009

The low is moving away west. Within a day it has moved away towards the international border.

Now, the regions behind the system, are going get some respite from rains, (as it is the path of the system has recieved extremely heavy rainfall), while West Gujarat will continue to get rains for 1 day more.

Meanwhile, the south will continue to remain almost rainfree.

This despatch is with reference to the so called "threat" to Mumbai of flooding.

Well, Mumbai on Friday will recieve lesser rain than Thursday. To make it simple, on Thursday Mumbai city and suburbs got 15 mms and 25 mms respectively. On Friday I expect it to rain around 20mms , with regular bright intervals. And with lesser wind force, the wave force on the sea fronts should be the same as Thursday, even with a 0.1 metre rise in sea level over Thursday's height.

With the high tide time around 2 p.m, the actual amount of rain between 12 noon and 4p.m., considered dangerous for flooding, would not be much.

Hence minimum chances of rain flooding in interior city areas.

Some pics clicked from my cell at Haji Ali Seafront on Thursday afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Good one Rajesh.

I wonder why our "Stoopid" weather reporters on TV & newspapers cant read a simple pressure charts and satellite data ;-) Sometimes I wonder if they ever read the daily IMD site data...

Keep MET Blogging for us who appreciate your passion & expertise :-)


Anonymous said...

I agree, I find your analysis and reports quite spot on and relevant as compared to the IMD info. I generally check your blog once in every 2 days

Rajesh said...

Thanks Krishnan. Thanks for the appreciating my efforts to make weather look easy for all. Passion for the weather, yes, but an enthusiast cannot be called an expert.

Rajesh said...

Thanks for the support and feedback.

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