Saturday, February 09, 2008

A mention of the record cold in Mumbai is a must.

Since mid Jan., Mumbai is having a continuous trend of below normal temperatures. The cold spell of 25 days, has broken a few records this year.

- Santacruz recorded its previous Jan. low record of 10c.

- Santacruz recorded its coldest ever Feb. on 6th. when it touched 9.4c.

- Santacruz beat the same 2 day old record on 8th. when the temperature fell to 8.5c.

- Colaba had its coldest Feb. ever on 9th. with the temperature at 11.8c. ( The coldest ever at Colaba was 11.7c on Jan 22., 1962.)
- Hot and muggy Mimbai had 24 days of avg. temperature of 19c, while for these same 24 days the normal avg. temperature should be 24c. (diagram).
- Scruz also had  its coldest day, with the day at 22.3c on 7th Feb 2008. Colaba was 23.1c on 7th Feb, and 23.4c on 8th Feb 2008.

Alongwith, Gujarat and Rajasthan have experianced a cold wave , but only from 1st. Feb onwards. In Gujarat, the lowest was at Nalliya, 0.4c and Mt. Abu in Rajasthan recorded -3c.

The cold winds have crept into Gujarat, Rajasthan and north konkan from the northwesterly direction, that is from the sindh/baluchistan regions of Pakistan. As a result, that region too has experianced severe cold in the first week. Karachi has had a low 0f 5c on 8th. and 9th. Feb. Nawabshah recorded its lowest ever temperature of -3.5c on 8th.

With the moving of 2/3 W.D.s, the entire belt of hills of north India had very excessive snowfall in the first week of Feb. Temperatures too fell, and Leh had a max. of -6c and a minimum of -29c on 2nd. Feb.

With the W.D. now having moved away, very strong northwesterlies are expected to bring in cold wave conditions in the northern regions of the subcontinent from the 10th.

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 Map by Vag. Tejas...Source "Mah. Water Respources Dept" 2nd august 2021